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Pakistan:Shrine of Syed Muhammad Akbar shah kazmi in City Mochh,Mianwali, Punjab.

Pakistan:Shrine of Syed Muhammad Akbar shah kazmi in City Mochh,Mianwali, Punjab.

January 2020 · 2 min read · Punjab

The shrine of Syed Muhammad Akbar Shah Kazmi is located in the city of Mochh, Mianwali District, Punjab Province, Pakistan. It is a very famous shrine of the city of Mochh. Many devotees of Muhammad Akabar come daily to greet him. Mian Akbar Shah was very pious and a great spiritual personality of the city. When he died, he was buried in the village of Hindal Wala, which is located near the Indus River. but after a hundred years, Mian Akbar met his devotee in dreams and told him that the river is coming to me, come and re bury my body in another area.

The devotee told the dream to other people in the city. nobody nobody didn't believe him. After a few days he saw the same dream again and received the same message from Mian Akbar Kazmi Shah. He again told the dream to other honorable people in the city. but nobody trusted him. when the third time he saw the same dream and gathered all the people of the city and told the same dream. this time people trusted him and approached the grave of mian muhammad Akbhar and began to dig the grave of mian akbar shah kazmi.

when people dug the grave of Akbar. thousands of people saw that Mian Muhammad Akbar shah's body was fresh and a surprising smell came from his grave. His body was as fresh as he did not die 100 years ago. When thousands of people saw this, Akbar Shah's body did not expire. The people of the city transferred the body of the Mian Akbar sha to this area and re buried the body of Akbar Shah.

Now it is that place of shrine, where people re-buried this great person. I prayed for myself and for all my friends. Today my trip was to this sanctuary shrine .and also to another. It is my first post about the sanctuaries of the city of Mochh. so I hope you like my travel feed post today. i took some picture of shrine area hope you all will enjoy them.

it is shrine view
it is shrine view

it is grave
it is grave

it is grave of Mian Muhammad Akbar shah kazmi. May Allah bless his sour pece and rest ameen.

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