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Mianwali Sports complex

Mianwali Sports complex

January 2020 · 3 min read · Punjab

Mianwali is city of Punjab and very much famous for sports. there born many player in this city those earned name in all over the world. but previous government did not focus on sports in this area. there was only ground of hockey and all others sports ground were not in use of sports . but with out ground this city born many international players in all sports. hockey was very famous game of this city in last 30 years ago. cricket was is the game of this city. cricket is played in every street of this city and in every village of this district that is situated in district Mianwali area.

in school and college cricket is one of the famous sports . now present goverment is focusing on sports in this district and prime minister of pakistan also belong to this district. he is from mianwali. mianwali his home land. his name is imran Ahmad khan niazi. he was caption of pakistan cricket team. pakistan cricket team had won world cup under imran khan captancy. there are many name in international list of players those are from mianwali.

this time shahdab khan is all rounder , he is from this district. this head coach of pakistan team, misbahul haq khan also belong to mianwali. so mianwali is famous for its players. so now we are glad that sports ground are being built in this district after a long time.

last few days ago i visited mianwali sports complex , it is under construction. soon after few month it will be open for all sports. in sports complex every game will be played and every facilities will be available for the players of this district. so more player will come in front of the world to make pakistan brilliant. this district will be one of the best city in sports field as it is , will be

i took some photos of sports complex area that is being under construction process. hope you will enjoy my this journey to sports complex mianwali. you can see this sports complex is under contruction this time. but work is being continued very fast to make this availble for player in next few month.

Mianwali sports complex building
Mianwali sports complex building

it is mianwali sports complex building view that i took from railway bridge. so it is very beautiful building , we have hope that after completing of the its, our city will be listed in sports cities in all over the world.

it is gate of complex
it is gate of complex

it is cricket ground and still is under process, it is very big ground and this ground is situated near govt high school for boy Mianwali .

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