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🍭🍭 The Candy Market

🍭🍭 The Candy Market

December 2019 · 4 min read · Nakhon Pathom Province

As colourful as a lollipop. As sweet as a candy bar..

Once again, the idea of being too used to what are around you that you'd never discover whatever new there. This market, very cute one.. The Candy Market 🍭🍭 (ตลาดสีลูกกวาด) is literally just right around the corner in Nakhon Pathom where I lived for quite sometimes when I was a child - I still go visit my family there every so often..

Never before known that this colourfulThe Candy Market exists..

Weird thing is, it's located just a minute walk from a boba tea shop I always go for. Maybe people just need to learn how to walk a bit further from where they normally go.

I went there with my 2 friends from the US, the same people I went to the unique old-school market in Ayutthaya with on the other post. What attracted us to go inside was how colourful the place was. Just like its name, 'The Candy Market'.

The Candy (ตลาดสีลูกกวาด)

Well, not like market-market. It's more like a food court x coworking space. Good amount of food, dessert, drink stalls. A decent size area of upstairs and downstairs. Once you order, just go sit wherever and the food will be served just right where you are. Free wifi and I don't think anyone give a shit if you just want to hang around doing your things / taking your time.

As it's close to a few university in the city, the biggest group of customers are those teenagers in a student uniform. The prices are real reasonable.

Food at the Candy

Walking around the Candy Market, many cute colourful little stalls offer various types of food. As mentioned, at reasonable prices.

Carlos and Bri went for some fried rice. I felt like some protein or either steak or whatever I would get much meat. I ended up ordering 'Grilled fish fillet' from this food truck.

Not gonna give you a hint how reasonable price a big plate of grilled fish fillet with salad and mashed potato cost, instead, I would just tell you it was 129 THB (4.27 USD). Normal Thai price.

We ordered and paid. The food then were served wherever we're seated. We chose to sit on the second floor with nice breeze coming in once in a while. The music was not something I would listen to normally but perhaps it's what young kids listen to nowadays.

As colourful as any other parts. Not gonna lie but the vibes almost made me felt like I was a kid again. If not, that feeling like you're in the Chocolate Factory movie. Yes, yessss, that's exactly it.

Too bad I didn't take a photo of that cool boba tea shop downstair. That was a fun one. Maybe next time when I crave some boba then I shall bring you all here once again!

Enough ranting, the food is being served so let's eat!

Bri's vegan fried rice, Carlos' crab stick fried rice and my good looking grilled fish filled. All of them looked good, actually. Or we're just dang hungry from the scooter rides for hours.. One or another.

Fun fact: Thai fried rice normally served with fish sauce and slices of chilli (พริกน้ำปลา). Splash it on to give some fishy and more spicy flavours. In fact, almost all the food served with this type of sauce. Welcome to Thailand peeps!

My fish fillet was indeed delicious. The whole plate filled me up real well. Promise I will be back for it someday. Maybe different type of meat, like, steak! Then the boba tea downstair, yes, yes!

Alrighty, fun casual night out in Nakhon Pathom. The Candy Market was indeed lovely and colourful. Not fancy of a place. More like student hangout with good food and its good price. Oh, is that why there's no alcoholic drinks?? Make sense. Much fun we had anyways. I sure will re-visit :)

I sometime in town so if you head that way, make sure you give me a shout!

The candy ตลาดสีลูกกวาด นครปฐม

Address: เลขที่ 84 Tanon Chantarakamphitak, Sanam Chan Sub-district, Mueang Nakhon Pathom District, Nakhon Pathom 73000, Thailand
Closed ⋅ Mon-Sat 6PM-12AM
Phone: +66 89 549 1999

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