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🇵🇪 Peruvian Street food in Paracas

🇵🇪 Peruvian Street food in Paracas

February 2020 · 5 min read · Ica

Street food is always my go-to. It's delicious, affordable and as local as it could get. While in Paracas, this small beach town just about 4 hours from Lima, besides a few local restaurants we love, Peruvian street food is always a 'yes, please' for the reason mentioned.

Que Rico, Que Barato!

Peruvian street food days and nights in Paracas

Paracas has a lot to offer for such a small little beach town it is. You can find really fancy restaurants, sea-front bars, cute and cozy cafe and a few others. It also has its own Peruvian street food scene that's not quite big of a variety but also, just not that easy to beat.

By staying there for quite a few days, I found that they have 2 different timing offering different types of food. During the day, there are more of that sweet snack and dessert then once the sun goes down, some smokey meaty stalls are popping up.

The Paracas' famous Churros Caliente with dulce de leche - S/ 1.5 ($0.45)

The first day when we got there, I remember a lady just walked around with her wheeled street vendor just along the beach saying 'Churros! Churros caliente churros'. That good deep-fried / sweet aroma and we just couldn't help ordering a few. Warm Deep-fried fluffy dough covered with a bit of sugar... Almost thought it's too little sugar then we found out, there's dulce de leche (caramel) filled inside. Very delicious! I even had another whole one myself!

Not really that famous one but I try to hype it to be one #lol It's probably one of the best street food experience I have had in Paracas. It's so yummi yummy!

Raspadillas - S/ 5 ($1.5)

During the day, it's hot and sunny all the time there here in Paracas. No wonder why there are so many of these raspadillas stalls along the boardwalk. A shaved ice soaked with fruity syrup. Mix a few flavors in one: Tamarind, apple, strawberry, passion fruits, you name it.

It's quite refreshing. Fruity shaved ice, duh. Though after so many spoons, I found it a bit too sweet that I couldn't finish the cup myself.

I actually didn't expect they would have much of a street food scene since there's not much during the day. Also, once the sun goes down, my energy and enthusiast to do stuff are just gone. Then around 10 PM, Kev started to be uncomfortable 'I'm hungry'... Instead of going out himself, he dragged me out with him. Good thing though, I got a chance to see Paracas with its different vibes.

Nice breeze with all the local wanders around. A few street food stalls here and there. Burgers, hotdogs, grilled chicken, cow hearts and that's pretty much it. Not much of variety but I was quite excited. This reminds me of home sweet home, Tailandia! 🇹🇭

Street burgers and hotdogs in Paracas

This stall located just right off the main square. Opened from 5PM-12AM. We got a burger and a hotdog which cost us S/ 12 ($4). The stall is quite busy and surrounded by all the hungry locals.

My burger got a fried egg on it too. Isn't that fun? Both got so much ketchup and mayo just like they want to make sure you know it's 'street food yo!'.

Anticuchos de Corazon - S/ 10 ($3)

Back to the early colonial times when the Spanish would take the choicest portion of the cow, leaving the organs for the slaves.

Anticuchos come with skewers of cow’s heart marinated with vinegar and spices and cooked to medium-rare in on a charcoal grill. Well, I have had so many chicken's hearts and pig's hearts before but not quite sure I had had this.

It's chewy and juicy. Had it with either a burger gun or bread or french fries. Quite delicious!

Grilled Chicken with potatoes - S/ 15 ($4.5)

There are a few street grilled chicken stalls close to each others. We tried a few of them during our few nights stay in Paracas. Their marinate is just so flavorful and those potatoes served together actually give it a good contrast.Some places would give you a bit of salad as well.

Most of the places don't offer hot sauce right away when the food is served but we could definitely ask for some. With this grilled chicken is literally a must!

Some places would have a few seats or tables for you to sit and enjoy the food just right there and some don't. Anyways, all the street food is close to the main square which has a lot of spots to sit down. Also, a lot of benches along the beach so... Go Paracas' street food go!

To get a good night sleep here in Paracas, there are a few Airbnb places but we chose this laid-back local owned hostel(S/ 45) as it's quite close to everything and a bit more affordable.

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Hope you get your street food fixed wherever you are.

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