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🇵🇪 Paracas, where the desert meets the ocean!

🇵🇪 Paracas, where the desert meets the ocean!

February 2020 · 5 min read · Ica

Beach town like Paracas, Peru doesn't just offer a beautiful beach for you to lay down enjoy sunbathing... Actually, people don't really sunbathe there for some reason. The locals don't even wear bikinis, to be honest. Well, everywhere has its own charm. We have talked a few local Peruvian food spots we love in town. Also, there are tons of street food days and nights if you're into that kind of stuff.

We love all the food every place has to offer so we most of the time hanging around the food spot trying this and that. If you love seafood, Paracas for sure doesn't disappoint.

Besides that, Paracas has such beautiful nature for you to enjoy and even have fun while visiting those places. Like, literally. Sea sports are so many but since I'm not into any kind of sport at all. Not kite surfing, not surfing or any sort. We went and enjoyed some touristy activities which were really fun.

Visit Islas Ballestas (Ballestas Islands)

Rock-formation islands accessible by boat tour & known for wildlife like penguins & seals.

We have heard quite a lot of this nature site. I was a bit skeptical at first as really, not just really into sport and also not into animals that much either. Thanks to a coincidence, while drinking a glass of pisco sour at one of the restaurants just right by the Chaco beach in Paracas...

Wait a minute, she looks so familiar...

I met a friend who I met a few years back in Mexico. Here, again, in Paracas! Isn't that CRAZY! We talked for a few sentences and found out they're going to Ballestas island the day after. It would be nice to hang out, catch up and even do some fun activities together so we went straight to the same agency and booked out tour right away.

S/ 25 for the tour and the entrance fee to the government separately.

Glad we did! It was nice going out in the ocean in the early morning. Some part of the boat rides feels like a roller coaster and people screams. That was a part of the fun. Once getting into the area where all the islands located. We were circle around there for quite sometimes just for pictures. Typical tourists, you know. It is really pretty. All the animals like those penguins I had never actually seen them in the wild like that. So many seals laying there on the beach. Many more types of birds flying around or hanging out on the big rocks/islands.

Totally worth it.

KEEP IN MIND: It starts from just as hot as any there in Paracas then the temperature drops gradually when we get into the ocean in the middle of nowhere. It's pretty cold so 'Hello there! Some jacket or windbreaker needed!'. The sun is also quite strong. Depends on the tour company, some have bigger boats with the roof and some not so 'Hello there! Sunscreen is also a must or you burn like a roasted pig'

Buggy in a Paracas National Reserve (Península de Paracas)

Where desert meets ocean

I had never heard of the word 'Buggy' before in life. Excuse me, English is not my first language. Once I know what it is though, just in Peru this time, I got on that thing called buggy already twice. The first time was here at Paracas National Reserve and the second time was also so much fun in Huacachina's desert.

Anyways, we went with the same agency. If you just want to walk/bike/motorbike just by your own, you will need to pay just the entrance fee. Though, we went with our friends, yes, the same friends we met coincidently in a buggy!

S/ 80 for renting a buggy for 2 hours plus the entrance fee to Paracas National Reserve separately.

Each couple got their own buggy. Kev and I took turns on driving it and oh my, wasn't that so fun! On a tour, we have our guide lead us to 4 different beaches in the desert.

Wait, beaches in a desert?

Yes! It's where the desert meets Ocean and that's such a charm of it.

Driving a buggy in the desert of Paracas National Reserve was such a fun ride. The desert is literally gorgeous. How far you could see like it's never-ending. Also, the fact that you can stand just right between the desert and ocean was something I had never expected of doing.. Incredible!

Totally worth it.

KEEP IN MIND: While driving that open-air vehicle in a desert that's full of sand, so much sand fly into your eyes all the time so 'Hello there! Sun glasses you need to bring perhaps?. Also, it's hot as h** It's sunny in a desert so guess what, sunglasses and a bottle of water needed to survive :)

After a few trips in the wild and all the beautiful nature in Paracas, I was getting tan bit by bit. Sexier and sexier everyday #jk #lol though, Kev's quite f*** up. He got so much sunburn, like, really, he peeled like a lizard a few days after so seriously, soak yourself with sunscreen before going out!

Staying in Paracas, there are a few Airbnb places but we chose this laid-back local owned hostel(S/ 45) as it's quite close to everything and a bit more affordable.


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Other than that just have fun! Enjoy the sand and sun Paracas has to offer <3

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