We dipped in just our feet but the whole body started to sweat.

Nothing about the song, it just came to mind..

It was a sunny day..

We really didn't expect to visit this San Khamphaeng Hot Springs(น้ำพุร้อนสันกำแพง), a natural springs about an hour ride from Chiang Mai City. It just happens to be on the way to Mae Kam Pong Village (แม่กำปอง), our destination for the day. After quite a ride, asking a fellow scooter rider, I think I heard something like, 'Yes, I'm already tired'. So there we swung by a bit to rest.

On the way going there, good roads with the greens along the way. Less and less car once we're farer out of the city. More like, local vibes kind of. All the local houses, schools, and temples where foreigners wouldn't be bothered coming.. The authenticity's still there. Not really a short ride but I quite enjoyed it.

San Khamphaeng Hot Springs(น้ำพุร้อนสันกำแพง)

One thing you would have to pass, the entrance and yes, there's fee. 40 THB for Thai citizens and 100 THB for foreigners. Typical.

Before getting into the Hot Spring zone, there're a few local shops and restaurants as well.

Soaking in mineral waters will help your body relax, Improve circulation and will keeps your skin smooth and healthy

No, we didn't really experience that..

Since we didn't really plan on coming, we had no swimsuit or the new clothes to change.. We decided just to simply dip our feet and relax for a bit before we go on. The hot spring for feet here is quite long and different spot has its own temperature. At first, we really were going to go for the hottest one there '50-55 Degree Celsius' Then after @thehipsterguru dipped his one foot into the steamy clear water, he suddenly took it back out with a little giggle. Probably it's a bit too warm so..

We ended up at the one with '40-45 Degree Celsius' zone. Even that, it's really warm. As being said, we dipped in just our feet but the whole body started to sweat.

I'm quite confident to say that this is a local spot. Beside a friend we went with, probably a few more foreigners among all the Thai people. I don't think it's always crowded either. The day we went, just happens to be a school field trip. Hundreds of children were there in their powerful red.

Additional cost :

As mentioned, there's entrance fee to get into San Khamphaeng Hot Springs(น้ำพุร้อนสันกำแพง). 40 THB for Thai citizens and 100 THB for foreigners. Typical. That is just an entrance fee. The long small canal for feet dipping is also included but if you would like to enjoy bathing either private or in a common tub, then a bit more THB required and the towels will also be prepared.

Mineral water scoop : 20 Baht/Person
Mineral bath soak : 65 Baht/Person
Mineral up to 10 people group Soak : 500 Baht/Hour

The Hot Spring Fountain

I actually don't know much about science, yet studied that as the main subject in high school. Anyways, for what I have read about San Khamphaeng Hot Springs(น้ำพุร้อนสันกำแพง), the water at source comes out of the ground and has such high pressure that it becomes a fountain. Yes, that 10 meter high fountain of because the temperature of the water itself is around 105 degree celsius. That's above boiling point!

Close by the fountain, there are a few tubs / giant stone pots whatever you call them. These are not for you to relaxingly put your feet in like the ones before. It's above the boiling point so, people usually have fun by boiling eggs and have a small little picnic all around the park.

The kids were sure having fun and we all adults were just sitting there torture our feet.. #joke! that was quite nice. After an hour ride, butts hurt, legs stiffed, and feet of course felt a bit numb.. I gotta honestly tell you that this hot springs work! My feet felt much better afterwards.

There's also direction 'How long to boil eggs'..

We had a nice rest here at San Khamphaeng Hot Springs(น้ำพุร้อนสันกำแพง). It would have been even more relaxing if we're a bit more prepared and get to soak ourselves in such a temperature with all the mineral feeling prettier and healthier than ever.. The local vibes and the weird smell of the boiling mineral water.

I mean, I like the place but I wouldn't just come out of my way or make my way from the Chiang Mai city just for this. To stop by here on the way going to the beautiful mountain villages in Mae Kam Pong Village (แม่กำปอง) or swing by it for a bit during your day trip, that would make more sense.

San Khamphaeng Hot Springs(น้ำพุร้อนสันกำแพง)
Address : 1 หมู่ที่ 7 Ban Sa Ha Khon, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130
Tel : 053 037 101
Official Site : skphotsprings.com

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