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January 2020 · 4 min read · Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

Remember that market in Ayuthaya, Thailand that almost make us feel like we're walking back into the past again... Well, that's where we left off.

Authentic Thai food at Kong Khong Market (ตลาดโก้งโค้ง)

There is so much good looking food around. Most of the stores, the sellers dress up like in the Ayutthaya old days. All the food indeed looks so authentic Thai with the right price as really, not many Farangs/foreigners tourists besides my 2 American friends.

Thai Snacks

We started with some snacks as really, the curry puffs were difficult to resist. A few fillings with hot boiling oil in a pan on the side meaning, they're making it real fresh. To be exact, this one was Pineapple Curry Puff (10THB).

By calling it 'Curry Puff' doesn't mean in all of them contains curry. It's just that the very first kind and filling they make these puffs, it's curry mixed filled. The chicken and mung beans seem to be the most common one but hey, never before I had seen the one with pineapple till this time. I'm a piña person so of course, I went for the pineapple puff. It's interesting.

Roti Mataba is more like Indian influenced kind of dish. A roti dough with some stir-fried meat as a filling. I usually get it with beef. The side vinegary veggies are a great contrast to it.

Seafood is huge here in Thailand so we kinda sneak bit by bit into a lot of small little types of food like this one, I guess it's a fusion food. The small seafood crispy pancake cups that almost remind me of the takoyaki, Japanese octopus balls. The method is pretty much alike but this one we eat it with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Thai main dishes at Kong Khong Market

I love noodles and literally can eat it every single day so. Noodle would never go wrong so why not give this cool looking noodle stall a go when visiting a place for the very first time... Nothing too fancy, just a rice noodle with clear soup and a few types of meat/fish balls (40THB). The charm of it though, those types of meatballs you can enjoy all in one bowl. It's fun eat!


Believe it or not, the whole market got only 2 drink stalls beside the coffee shop at the main entrance. Also, it's a monopoly by the market owner. I don't like the monopoly idea of course but I gotta admit, they're not making it so bad of businesses. One is herbal drinks and some pre-made teas shop. The other is a Thai style old-school coffee shop that still make coffee and tea off the big pot with hot boiling water.

I as a Thai person was quite excited about all the shops' decoration at Kong Khong Market (ตลาดโก้งโค้ง). All the arts, delicious food and the old-school everything so I'm sure a lot of you would surely be thrilled. It's not like any other one. It's quite special and guess what, not too touristic at all at this point.

Kong Khong Market
Address: Ban Pho, Bang Pa-in District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13160, Thailand
Hours: Thur-Sun 9AM–4PM
Phone: +66 35 703 700

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