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Hipster craft beer & Travelfeed Meet Up in Chiang Mai

Hipster craft beer & Travelfeed Meet Up in Chiang Mai

November 2019 · 5 min read · Chiang Mai

Last time, when I was in Chiang Mai, I met up with some friends at this craft beer place. Not one of those bland and boring ones but there're something a bit more to it. The place was quite cozy and sure great as a hangout, 'Namton's House Bar Homemade and ideas'.

I'm not much of a beer drinker / or any type of drinker at all. I have that a lobster-red face and neck when drinking alcohol or you may call Asian flush. Though, every time when feeling like drinking, I always go for some cold beer. Cider and wine cooler are way too sweet for my taste. Wine, yes, if I just finish watching Game of Thrones and get all hyped up by seeing them drinking that grape juice just pretty much on all scenes.

First minute when I saw the place, from outside it seemed real quiet. Though, still pretty nice looking and already feel quite cozy from just the look of it.

In Chiang Mai, I was amazed how many people from many different countries migrated to live and work there.There's a Japanese language written on the sign so I was not quite sure either if the owner was Japanese or something. A few days later, I found out from a local friend who's studied and been living there for years, the place owned by her senior friend from university.

Namton's House Bar

As mentioned already a few times, it's quite cozy and at the same time, quite random. All many things combined. The greens and the plants that's for sure but when you walk inside the place for a bit further, you would see the front room where the giant fish tank located. Fake skulls, old school pictures, used wine bottle, Chinese style shelf. I guess whatever they can grab, they just kind of put them all together. Don't get me wrong, the place looks quite pretty in a really funky way.

Namton's House Bar Craft beer and House brewed

The uniqueness comes with its cost

We came to a beer place that serve mostly beer, it woudn't make so much sense if we don't even try a pint or two. Honestly, for that word 'craft', just makes all the whole beer things sound just way more fancy and yes, pricer. If you just feel like drinking some Singha Beer or Chang Beer, you would really need just 60THB more or less for a big bottle. Now, here as it's craft beer, for half a pint would already costs you 150 THB or so.

Before we left, @for91days even whispered, 'Let's go for some cheaper beer' or something like that.

After Loy Krathong Fire War (150THB / half a pint)

Loy Krathong is a festival where you float a flower basket into the river or sea. A tradition to thank the water god, to let go of bad things and to wish for some good things to come.

I got the one and only house brewed they had at the time, 'After Loy Krathong Fire War'. I'm really not into strong beer at all as you know, that Asian flush will come get me even sooner from something like IPA : Indian Pale Ale. I anyways ordered this house brewed IPA as the bartender said, 'It's quite easy to drink'. I actually was easy to drink, indeed.

A bit bitter of course, but quite smooth for some reasons. I love the aroma of it as well.

Anyways, the purpose is not really to have a beer exactly but to meet up and exchange knowledge/information with this exact community, The travel content community and their stunning travel blogging app.

For some of you who don't know about travelfeed just yet. I feel like it's such a great opportunity for some of the travellers out there to really make a use of their own content to make it worth their while. People who are behind the project are actual travellers themselves and totally understand what's right / good / better for all the travellers out there. I have also been using the app myself and gotta say, it's been developed so much and they came such a long way. Check out if you haven't already so.

If some night you feel a bit fancy and want that hipster vibe kind of hang out spot, while you're in Chiang Mai. This place, Namton's House Bar, is quite a unique of a spot that offers Wide varieties of craft beer and hang out spot both indoor and outdoor.

Namton's House Bar

Address : 196/2 Chiang Mai-Lam Phun Rd, Tambon Wat Ket, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Phone : +66 86 911 1207

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