You know you like it dirty... Eating all the junk food and getting spanked afterward have probably been your dream meal all these years. No worries, I know where your dream could come true, Heart Attack Grill in Downtown Las Vegas baby!

I had actually heard of Heart Attack Grill for a while so when we had a chance to go visit the sin city, Las Vegas, there's no way we would miss the fun! Wait... What?

Anyways, I'm glad the restaurant dragged us to the area. Downtown Las Vegas seems to be a much chiller spot than on the Strip. Walking through the beautiful and lively Fremont street even during the day gave us the perfect amount of ooh-ahh excitement. The fancy light of Las Vegas without any overwhelming was just the lovely feeling.

Heart Attack Grill

Here, at Heart Attack Grill, it's not just food but fun!

An American hamburger restaurant in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada just right on Fremont Street. It serves food that is high in fat, sugar, and cholesterol. Make sense for its name, if you're here too often, you would most likely get a heart attack anytime soon.

Don't let the hunger make you miss the opportunity of eating free burger at Heart Attack Grill! Free food if you weigh 350lbs or so #wow. The scale is outside so let the world know how big of a person you are! Me...? Meh

Before we even realized, we had become one of the patients weiring the gowns ordering from a menu full with just junk and the most caloristic items like the big hot dog, burgers with a dozen of bacon all in one (**No kiddin' but it could be up to 40 slices whatttt??!) or that milkshake made with very high butterfat percentage ice-cream and my most favorite cocktail drink lately, Bloody Mary.

All the nurses AKA the waitresses assist on all the menu items. We luckily got a really pretty nurse so Kev is all happy being a patient. The nurse let us know what is what and there are also some rules we may need to know before we ordered such as, some meal can't be shared or if you don't finish your fatty burger, you will be spanked just like you always want to! That's why no one who comes here finish the Heart Attack Grill's burgers #ever. I know, that sounds about right.

Heart Attack Grill's Bloody Mary ($9.75)

Straight bacon that how they roll.

We started off right away with some Bloody Mary as I had been craving it for many days. Also, our beautiful nurse said she loves it too so, Bloody Mary for the win! Again, without realizing, the Bloody Mary was served. Dang it! Never forget where you are! They're all serious about getting the heart attack so no no no, no nonsense celery and olives, 'What are you talking about?'

Spicy just the way I like it. A few pieces of crispy bacon floating on the bloody color cocktail drink alluring my Asian flush to appear. It's quite delcious but hey, 'gimme some celery!'

Heart Attack Grill's Burger and Hot Dogs

It could be a bit smaller meal or it could get a lot bigger than you expect. Choices of how many patties and pieces of bacon you'd like.. We went for the Double ByPass Burger ($12) and 10 slices of bacon ($2) could be added on to this one. A biggie you can't really share or you get spanked! So yes, we did share it.

I'm not really a fan of any kind of Hot Dog so Kev got this all for himself. Half pound Coronary Dog ($10) then bacon ($1) could be added on for some crisp and fat.

Saw the dishes while being quite hungry so I though, 'Well, there's a high chance of me finishing this half pound burger' then after one third I was like #sos 'Help me ASAP. I'm dying.'

Both of the food are quite good. I actually still think that I could have finished the burger if the patties were not that dry. Well, we all have hope sometimes. Anyways Dining at Heart Attack Grill was a lovely meal and it's not expensive at all* for being such a big-butt burger and hot dogs served in Las Vegas.

The 'Gov. Theft' got me! #lol

Not too sure if we didn't visit at the busy hours or Heart Attack Grill is really not a big hype as it's used to be. Though, I love the setting and all the theme they have going on.

For not being able to finish that holy-moly burger, I got spanked and Kev was smiling the whole time #oops! No photos but the funky vlog is at Way Beyond Pad Thai Channel

Don't forget to walk around Heart Attack Grill

There are jokes here at there all over the place. The music video playing as a bg all the time... In men's bathroom could also be a good spot to look at? Heart Attack Grill also sells merch so if you're really obsessed with it after getting paddled by a beautiful nurse so, sure, go for it.

Right around the corner, there's another branch of the Classic White Castle serves the mini burgers/sliders we all love, especially, after getting busted!

** Looking to avoid the hectic Las Vegas Strip? Here's one of the most affordable place to stay in Downtown Las Vegas :)

Heart Attack Grill
Address: 450 Fremont St #130, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States
Hours: 11AM-10PM
Official site:

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