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Delicious food - Good Vibe in Paracas Peru 🇵🇪

Delicious food - Good Vibe in Paracas Peru 🇵🇪

March 2020 · 5 min read · Ica

Living or traveling in Peru could be as expensive or as inexpensive as you wish. It's like that in every town and city we have been to. Same here in Paracas, super affordable street food, hidden local spots that wouldn't hurt your wallet much or pay a little more for such presentable dishes with a view of the ocean like these few restaurants in Paracas I'm taking you in the very post!

Restaurants with Ocean view in Paracas

There are tons of them by the beach and you don't even need to look for one. Once you walk along the boardwalk, they would come grab you just almost right away 'Happy Hour, Pisco Sour, ceviche...' Though, it's not exactly happy hour.. One local waiter there even told me, it's more like 'Happy days' if you get what I mean #lol

Those local spots and street food don't really expect tips but these touristy ones, of course, they do. 10% or so is expected.

Cevichería Esmeralda in Paracas

Let's start with this local owned cevicheria. Well, not exactly cevicheria but more like all Peruvian seafood dishes they have to offer. The menu of the day mostly S/ 20-25 and individual dishes would cost a bit more.

We got 2 sets of the Menu of the day and a jug of Chicha Morada, my favorite purple corn, along with the meal.

Ceviche de pescado (Fish Ceviche) was real good. As fresh as it could get as it's right off the ocean. The deep-fried wontons were just alright. I was actually expect something more not just a plain thing with a weird looking red sauce.

Chaufa de mariscos seems to be a very popular dish around there. It's pretty much a fried-rice with heavy soy sauce. Even an Asian like myself thinks it's a bit too much on soy sauce... That means it's really MUCH. As heavy as the soy sauce is the seafood on the plate. Totally hit the spot! Then, Spaghetti with chicken... Nothing special.

It's delicious and clean. Their Chicha Morada is also one of the best we have had. Liked it there and recommend to come for some delicious dishes but not really for some tipsiness.

Jenny's cevicheria in Paracas

Another cevicheria in Paracas so of course, one of the dishes we needed to order was Ceviche. Not much to talk about as ceviche is always good so yes, this one is just as good as it's supposed to be. Then another seafood dish we picked was fried fish with rice. It was fresh and delicious!

The place also offers some alcoholic drinks and yes, we got some. Though, I don't think this would be such a nice place for some cocktail sipping and chilling. For a quick lunch or dinner would be just fine then I would go somewhere else to get tipsy.

Where to get tipsy in Paracas?

A place like Taberna de Don Jaime, Restaurant Nautilus and quite a lot more. There are a few places that offer craft beers as well in Paracas. Once again, you don't need to look for one, they will come to grab you saying something like 'Happy Hours my friends...'. Just go with the one your instinct tells you to.

Most of the time you will find ***the pisco sour and a few other cocktail deals 2x20 and S/ 10 beer - ALWAYS comes with corn nuts as complimentary... ***.

Honestly though, Pisco sour is by far not my most favorite or not even my favorite drink at all in Peru. The fact that I always have in mind 'There's an egg white' in it kinda wants me to keep the distance so no, most of the time I didn't fall for the happy hour deal.

One really good option if you don't really care about being serviced, there are a lot of bodegas or places that sells drinks, snacks, chips and all those. Grab a few bottles of your favorite local beer to sip on the El Chaco beach or one of the docks wouldn't sound so bad either. Actually, it sounds even better.

My favorite cafe/coffee shop in Paracas

Paracas is a small little beach town. Whatever they offer is quite limited. Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Not many choices but of course, there are some good or very good ones.

I don't see many of coffee shops at all. Been to a few of them and this is by far the best one. No internet, no bathroom, just good coffee and cake, great vibes and ocean view. Well, what else would you ask for...

I got a very good looking chocolate cake to surprise my friend on her birthday. The place even offer some candles. #omg! The chocolate cake is so moist and flavorful!!! Next morning, I also went for some coffee and it was nice. Combine with the ocean view and nice breeze, I just couldn't complain.

Also, I really love how tranquil they decorate the shop. Lovely!

The more day I spent in Paracas, the more I don't want to leave. Summer every single day... Load tons of fresh and delicious seafood. The cute cafe by the beach, I could just go there every day for weeks and try all their delicious dessert.

Totally one of must-visit in Peru especially with their unique activities you could do like visiting Islas Ballestas and Desert Buggying in Paracas National Reserve. It's very fun and so pretty to see with your own eyes.

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