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Arequipa Breakfast Paradise - Hostels review!

Arequipa Breakfast Paradise - Hostels review!

March 2020 · 5 min read

Arequipa Breakfast Paradise - Hostels review!
Arequipa Breakfast Paradise - Hostels review!

Read "Arequipa Breakfast Paradise - Hostels review!
" on for the best experience

Read "Arequipa Breakfast Paradise - Hostels review!
" on for the best experience

While traveling, some hostels provide breakfast and some don't. In Arequipa, Peru, no worries and don't wonder. It seems like all the places do! Not just that, they serve you real nice! We have stayed in 3 different places and would love to share which one is our favorite and why.

Book accommodation in Arequipa online or walk-in?

It's like the accommodation business is really competitive there or something. Well, the big reason is also that we're in Peru during the low season. Anyways, I usually check the price online and walk-in. They either price match or even cut the price even lower so that they don't need to pay Agoda/Booking/HostelWorld commission. Win-win for us all. Honestly, not just here but in all the countries, you could do pretty much the same thing if you care about your budget. I do, I do!

Arequipa Breakfast Paradise

It's as good as it sounds. Breakfast Paradise! I normally don't really care if they don't offer breakfast as long as the bed itself is not overpriced. Though, here, in Arequipa, it seems like breakfast is normally included in the price. Don't just imagine bread and butter. It's way beyond that.

We had stayed in 3 different hostels around the city, mostly downtown. Everywhere is in a walkable distance from the main square and all you see are these beautiful white buildings built with white volcanic stones plus all the colonial houses. I'm telling you, Arequipa is dang pretty.

I know this might sound crazy but this post, we're not talking about any other posts but we're all in hostels' breakfast. It's not that big of a deal but for some people, breakfast might be a big factor for them to weigh up the thought where to stay while in the beautiful Arequipa.

Los Andes Bed and Breakfast, Arequipa, Peru

This is my most favorite place ever to stay in Arequipa. It's reasonably priced, it's clean. They even have a nice view of the volcano from the rooftop. It's a block from Plaza de Armas or the main square. Tons of tons of space to work on your laptop and ironically speaking, their internet is the WORST. What a shame. We love it so much but we could stay there just for a night. I couldn't stand how slow the internet was.

Anyways, Los Andes Bed and Breakfast, Arequipa, Peru was our most favorite place to stay still for the reasons mentioned above. Also, a big reason we love it so much is their unlimited breakfast feast! #omg you have no idea how awesome that was.

Freshly squeezed juice made right in front of you. The egg can be cooked on demand whatever ways you want it to be cooked. Yogurts, cereals, fresh fruit and a few types of bread.

Coffee and tea are there for breakfast but also available all day long. Love that!

Address: Calle la Merced 123, Cercado de Arequipa 04001, Peru

Flying Dog Hostel Arequipa, Peru

After traveling with Peru Hop (Not too satisfied) from Huacachina to Arequipa. The bus ride was overnight so we got to Arequipa really early in the morning. Flying Dog Hostel was a partner of Peru Hop and offer the area to rest plus a welcome breakfast on that same day of arrival.

It's a nice and quiet hostel operated in a big and gorgeous colonial-style house. We were so excited the way we have to knock the door with the old-school knock, all the colorful decoration and the classic and unique layout of the place in general.

The breakfast was also the most wonderful hostel could offer. A few types of bread, cheese, ham, fresh slushed papaya juice, butter, jam, milk, cereal, coffee and tea... We were also really excited.

Flying Dog Hostel Arequipa
Address: Calle Melgar 116 esq. Calle Riveros, Calle Melgar, Arequipa, Peru

Love the interior so much that we make this fun pic shot with this 360 camera :)

Hostal Vallecito Backpackers, Arequipa, Peru

Unlike the other 2 hostels above, this Hostal Vallecito Backpackers doesn't have anything unique or special. It doesn't have a rooftop beautiful view of the volcano, not operated in a unique colonial house, not just a block away from the main square of Arequipa (but instead, 2 #lol). Though, the fact that it's actually owned by local and it's a family-run business, that's just simply a good reason in itself already.

It's not a big hostel. There's a rooftop with a few seats where you can enjoy the sunset. Other than that, literally nothing special.

Now let's talk about breakfast. Again, unlike the other 2, this one has limited breakfast. Once you're seated, you will have choices of a few items, like, pancakes, fried-egg with bread... We went for both of the options. Both are good but no, not that full so a bit after, Peruvian restaurants here we come! We could also choose either coffee or tea.

Hostal vallecito Backpackers
Address: Calle Sucre 304, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Arequipeña beer with the view of Arequipa from the rooftop of Hostal Vallecito Backpackers...

If this blog post is actually helpful, feel free to support by booking your accommodation through Agoda or Airbnb here. You pay the same but I get a small commission from it. Gracias! <3

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