Lijiang's ancient and elegant, natural, ethnic and local plateau water town Lijiang ancient city, the beautiful scenery of the first bay of the Yangtze River, the elegant and beautiful Yuquan Park, and the "Yunling first branch", "Global first "A tree" of Wandu Camellia and other scenery, constitute a beautiful natural picture scroll.

The tourism resources are mainly represented by "two mountains, one city, one lake, one river, one culture, one style". Sanya Sanya brings together 10 major scenic resources of sunlight, seawater, sandy beaches, climate, forests, animals, hot springs, caves, countryside, and customs, and rich historical and cultural resources. It is an area with dense tourist resources of tropical coastal scenery in China. In Nanshan Buddhist Culture and Tourism Zone,

there are sculptures with the theme of ecology and Buddhism culture; in Tianya Haijiao Tourism Zone, there are historical celebrity sculpture groups accompanied by endless waves; Luhuitou Mountain Top Park's lifelike figure sculptures are telling " "Luhuitou" beautiful love story; Yalong Bay Central Square, a modern garden square and sculpture group that has won the "Luban Award" of the national architecture, will bring you back to a long history. Everything makes you dizzying. Huangshan Huangshan is as famous as the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Great Wall, and has become another symbol of the Chinese nation. It is famous all over the world for its "odd pines, strange rocks, sea of ​​clouds, and hot springs." She is the only mountain scenic spot in China's top ten scenic spots. As a representative of the Chinese mountain, Huangshan is a collection of famous Chinese mountains. Huangshan is also known as a "natural zoo and a world botanical garden." Huangshan is welcoming guests from all over the world with its magnificent appearance. Jiuzhaigou People say that if there is a fairyland in the world, it must be Jiuzhaigou. This is a wonderful world with amazing scenery and magical wonders; it is a "fairy tale world" with natural purity and no visible dust. "Huangshan does not look at the mountains when it returns, and it does not look at the water when it returns to Jiuzhaigou." Water is the spirit of Jiuzhaigou. Lakes, springs, waterfalls, and beaches are connected together. The combination of flying and quietness, firmness and tenderness, is worthy of "the king of Chinese water scenery" . Guilin's landscape is known as Guilin, which is a bright pearl of our motherland. She has become a world-renowned tourist destination with its strange karst landforms. The fascinating scenery of "green mountains, beautiful water, beautiful caves, beautiful stones, beautiful scenery", "mountain peaks stand in the wild, a river embraces the city", "water flows around the green mountains, the mountains flow around the mountains, and the mountains and the green water floats the mountains." Innumerable Chinese and foreign Moks admire and be impressed. Gulangyu Island Gulangyu Island was originally called "Yuanshazhou", also known as "Yuanzhou Tsai", and was renamed "Gulangyu" in the Ming Dynasty. It is located in the southwest of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, across the sea from Xiamen, only 1,000 meters away. Because the island has a hollow boulder, the waves beat, and its sound is like a drum, hence the name "Gulangyu". Although Gulangyu has a downtown area,

there is no traffic noise. The air here is fresh and the environment is quiet. The entire island is lush with flowers and flowers throughout the year, so it is called "Sea Garden". The Great Wall The Great Wall is one of the world-famous miracles. It is like a giant dragon coiled on the vast land of northern China.

Shennongjia Shennongjia's natural landscape is famous for its primitiveness. Here the mountains are high and the valleys are deep. The towering ancient trees create a mysterious virgin forest. The forest coverage rate is as high as 98%. If you are lucky in the mountains, you can also see golden monkeys and other wild animals. , Is one of the ten most beautiful places in China.

Lijiang River Lijiang River Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. It is the largest and most beautiful karst mountain and water scenic area in the world. It is a must-visit place for almost every Chinese. The attractions here are clear, strange, clever and changeable. Can be intoxicating.

Motu Motu is the last county in China that has no roads. To enter Motu, you need to cross snow mountains, dense forests, swamps, and other hazards. In just a few hours, you can feel the natural landscape from the alpine cold zone to the tropical rain forest,

as if A paradise, here you will re-know your life, is the favorite of many adventure lovers.

Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano. It is called Tianchi because the crater accumulates into a lake. It is the largest volcanic lake in China and the deepest alpine lake in the world. The water in summer is bluer than the sky, and the ice surface is as clean as snow in winter. The natural scenery is beautiful, and it is the first of the ten most beautiful places in China.

Jiuzhaigou can be said to be one of the places where the magical axe is displayed to the extreme, as if it is a primitive, quaint and magical fairyland. The unique landscapes and Tibetan customs here attract countless tourists every year.