Stairs to heaven

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Hello friends
Today I present another walk inside my city.
This time we climbed the stairs of Mallona.
We start in the old town in Unamuno Square
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Miguel de Unamuno was born at number 16 of the Ronda de Bilbao street, in the Siete Calles neighborhood.
This Basque writer and philosopher recognized throughout the world.
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This is your place, also one of the subway entrances and of course where our stairs start,
These stairs reach a very special place.
After crossing the 311 steps you arrive at the esplanade of the Basilica of Begoña.
Our amatxu (mother) lives there The Virgin of Begoña.

But let's start with the first.
We are in the square and the stairs are visible, they are not hidden, but many of them are used to rest or stay with the Kolegas and friends.
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There are also bars where you can gain strength before starting to climb.

These stairs during Holy Week and the celebration of the Virgin become a cross.
Formerly people asked the virgin for things in return they promised to walk barefoot on these roads and some even kneeling.
Today we only upload them for pleasure.
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Pleasure if it is a beautiful walk, if you are in good health.
Not because it is a hard climb but because many people cannot with the stairs.
But you also have an elevator that goes up almost to the top, of course you lose the charm of this section of Bilbao.
We begin to climb and see the seven streets from above, with its people walking or running errands, life is very active in the old town.
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We can see the old bridges to pass from one side to the other and have access to the house, a charming stone bridge.
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Step by step we find the gardens with beautiful flowers that in summer are a delight.
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We also have the views of the red roofs of the old town.
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We are almost up a little more and we see the bell tower of the basilica.
Haughty and only cropped in a blue sky.
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We celebrate everything in it. The players go up to present the cup when they win it.
Also the days indicated.
From the esplanade you have this view among hidden trees.
As if it were a shameful damsel.

Your porch.
His figures engraved in the stone.
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The entrance was from the roads the stone path that leads us to this basilica, that of Begoña.
I only show you our Amatxu and small details inside.
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Well this is the ride and now it's time to go down.
You can also do it by getting on the bus and walking down.

On egin(Bon Appetite)

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