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 Noble portugalete villa-Basque country Spain

Noble portugalete villa-Basque country Spain

January 2020 · 4 min read · Bilbao

Noble portugalete villa

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Hello friends
Today our walk takes us to the noble village of Portugalete
A very busy and lively town.
It has banks of the Ría del Nervión and stuck to the sea.
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It's Monday morning, it's a party and you have to walk.
On this occasion we arrived by car a quarter of an hour from Bilbao.
The subway from Bilbao takes about 20 minutes and you have to take track 2.
It is a beautiful but cold day and it is 11.30 with 4 degrees.
Our tour begins in the town square.
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There is the music kiosk dedicated on Saturdays to the elderly dance.
When I was 14 every Sunday there was dancing, there were no discos at that time, haha many years have passed, always running at the last minute to get home at the time they sent us.
Today she is almost lonely, but that way we can appreciate her beauty more.
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In the square we also find that they start their steep streets but don't be scared they are short.
Pedestrian and very charming.
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We also have the pension in sight if you feel like spending the night.
One in a beautiful building that almost has a castle shape.
With the name of the basilica that I mentioned the other day.
IMGP1522 copia.jpg

touch the image

IMG_7146 copia.jpg

IMGP1521 copia.jpg

is in the same place without loss.
IMGP1516 copia.jpg

On the walls we can see the map of the coast.
IMGP1537 copia.jpg

As we climb the streets full of bars to enjoy good food and good drinking.
Each with a story since they have been past many years since 1924.
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IMGP1530 copia.jpg

Like all the villages, the interesting thing is in its old part, where the houses have personality and the views are spectacular.
IMGP1545 copia.jpg

IMGP1547 copia.jpg

IMG_7376 copia.jpg

You breathe a calm and relaxed atmosphere,
As a coastal town, blue is seen in the environment is the color that dominates.
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From the feet of the lampposts to the houses dressed in blue.
IMGP1517 copia.jpg

The villa was founded in 1322 and is renowned for its parties.
Feast of the Virgin of the Guide (July 1)
Festivities of San Roque (August) (15 the Virgin, 16 San Roque, 17 San Roquillo.)
They are usually fun and crowded.
But any holiday and any Sunday we go for a walk through it.
Since it does not have the same nor can you miss seeing it if your holidays bring you closer to Bilbao.
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IMG_7395 copia.jpg

By eating and drinking as I told you, you have no problem.
Prices are normal and do not abuse tourists, they are more welcome as if they were the villa of a lifetime.
IMG_7381 copia.jpg

I don't know what else contracts you simply have to visit it and although some of its streets are on a hill you have the technology to upload them without getting tired.
IMG_7419 copia.jpg

You can also arrive and ride a bike.
IMG_7080 copia.jpg

I put the two ways to arrive by subway.
From Bilbao line two and takes you to Portugalete to the upper part of the town and you just have to go down to the port
in black
Then there is the funniest way is to take the subway line 1 and get off at Areta turn left and you will find the ride.
green the exit of Bilbao is the same

IMGP1686 copia.jpg

Or the boat my favorite transport a small gasoline that for the same price passes you 160 meters through the water, but that is your decision.
IMGP1483 copia.jpg

To eat Portugalete is cheaper and the quality is similar.
IMG_7133 copia.jpg

Bus - A2315, Bus - A3135, Bus - A3335
Good walk for the whole family with many benches to rest, but if it is a rainy day leave it better for a dry day.
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