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Knowing Santurce - Basque Country, Spain

Knowing Santurce - Basque Country, Spain

November 2019 · 4 min read · Bilbao

knowing Santurce

Hello friends, today we stroll through the town of Santurce
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15 kilometers from Bilbao we find the most beautiful fishing village we have nearby.
The town of Santurce known for its fishing and for its rich roasted sardines.
The town is like any coastal town full of references to what was once its world.
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Today we go by subway from Bilbao there is no loss takes you to the top and you just have to walk down to the sea.
Since today is the old part and its port, the most important of its culture and tradition.
Lions welcome us.
One seems tired of always being in the same position.
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While the other is attentive to everything that happens.
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Many houses have shields from other times showing the family lineage.

The town hall in a 1905 mansion with beautiful gardens and a cluster of statues all referring to the sea and its way of life.
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Children learn to fish from small accompanied by their best friend.
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The monkeys can not miss the same as a pergola in the center of the park.
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The music kiosk this time we only look at the details (I don't know why I didn't photograph it whole, wouldn't it attract my attention?
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But if every detail of the mosaics it has.
IMGP8708 copia.jpg

IMGP8709 copia.jpg

All referring to this fishing village.
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IMGP8712 copia.jpg

They tell the whole story not only of them but also of all the traditions of Euskalerria
Look at them carefully and you can understand me a little better.
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IMGP8715 copia.jpg

IMGP8716 copia.jpg

IMGP8717 copia.jpg

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We cross the train tracks and meet at its port.
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With the virgin of Carmen who is the patron and those who all pray for good fishing, to return home after hard work and for good weather.
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In the background we can see the cranes in the industrial zone where everything is related to the sea.
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If you go in the morning you can see the fishing boats docked at the port next to the nets.
IMG_2332 copia.jpg

Or busy cleaning the boat for the next fishing.

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In the port at night there is a grill of Sardines since here there is tradition and they are the best sardines of the place.
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Here you can spend the time you want watching the sea and the docked boats.

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It's time for a piskolabis that always makes our stomachs happy and makes us happier.
Here as you know are the pintxos.
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Now you have two roads or you turn around and you return to the subway or better yet you follow the walk along the shore and you arrive at Portugalete another small town where we have the suspension bridge.
It is flat so you have no slopes and it is a walk that the whole family can do.

Good as long as it does not rain even if someone finds it lovely that the sea breeze and the rain warms you.
Happy ride friends this is my land full of joyful traditions and good food.


This town has a song and here I leave it in case you want to see and hear it

From Santurce to Bilbao
I come along the shore
with the skirt rolled up
with the calf
I eat fast and running
why the corset oppresses me
I shout through the streets:

Who buys!
Fresh sardines
My sardines
how rich they are
they are from santurce
I bring them.

The first one calls me
the second one too
the third one tells me:
How much do you sell them?
If I tell you four,
she tells me that three
I pick up the basket and leave

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Who buys!
Fresh sardines
My sardines
how rich they are
they are from santurce
I bring them.

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