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Cascáis a story town- Portugal

Cascáis a story town- Portugal

January 2020 · 3 min read · Área Metropolitana de Lisboa

Cascáis a story town

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Hello friends
Portugal is a country full of beauty and I show it today with this entry.
We were in Lisbon on vacation and how not to travel 30 kilometers to see this beautiful town.
The hardest thing we found was parking, it is very famous and in summer it is difficult to leave the car.
But after going around we got it.
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September is the ideal month to visit Portugal, the agglomerations of August have passed and the weather is hot and ideal.
It is in a beautiful sandy bay in the Atlantic Ocean with a transparent sea and this time calm.
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The city walks and looks calm because it does not have great distances but much to see.
The palace of the Counts of Castro Guimarães.
There are if you think you are in a story of a thousand and one night, so beautiful and well kept and inside the town with its moat and everything.
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The town square as white as all the towns of the Iberian Peninsula that makes everything you see with a special and bright light.
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The statues we could say is a woman, but if you look at her a little sideways she looks like a mermaid.
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The fountains full of scenery from a scene from another time with his lion spilling water through his mouth.
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The courtyards with their arcades and fountain in the middle that makes you meditate for their silence and tranquility, as if you would be in a monastery.
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Its narrow and colorful streets, where you can walk them as if the years had not passed.
Its waters with boats make the port have a postcard image.
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Then we went to the coast and visited an almost obligatory place.
Where nature and not the hand of man does wonders, the cliffs.
Large and rocky, very tall watching the sea down there with the waves licking the rock.
Ay is
Boca do Inferno.
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Seawater has access to the deep seabed and vigorously hits its rocky walls, moving into the land from within leaving a large mouth.
Legend has it that, a long time ago, in a castle in Cascais lived a terrible sorcerer.
Would this be the castle?
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One day, he decided to get married and chose the most beautiful maiden of his reign.
When he met her he was impressed by her beauty.
Jealous and mean, he decided to lock her up in a tall tower, choosing as guardian her most faithful gentleman.
He met the maid one day that he had to bring the food.
Love arose between the two and could no longer be separated.
Like all legends they escaped together full of hopes and big dreams.
But the sorcerer with his arts told them a curse.
The sky became black with lightning and thunder, heavy rain and hurricane winds, until they managed to make a hole through which the couple was passing at that time.
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They jogged with their horse and the rock opened swallowing them for eternity and resting forever at the bottom of the sea.
Since then it began to be called Boca do Inferno.
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If you pass through Lisbon you cannot miss it, you will spend a beautiful morning, you will see the sea and its riches and of course you will eat and drink well.
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