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Bilbao under the snow

Bilbao under the snow

December 2019 · 2 min read · Bilbao

Bilbao under the snow

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Hello friends.
The landscape of the city changes a lot when the weather gets capricious.
We have rather a temperate climate neither too cold nor too hot.
But last year in January we visited the snow and that is a very big and fun event.
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I went down to work, but who would comb when the first thing you do is put a hat on your head so you don't get cold?
So I went home for the camera and went to enjoy the snow.
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It was a great snowfall rarely seen and the city changed.
The sky was whitish gray and the snow was falling so nothing in the car touches walking.
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It was a pleasure to see how we all had fun and enjoyed the snow, those small drops of cold water that turn into small pieces of glass, leaving everything with an immaculate white.
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The trees are blooming with their beautiful pink color, the children corrode and throw balls, the city had a special noise, that of laughter.
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Some cars were running in a hurry and not enjoying.
These days you are recorded for how rare they are, we didn't feel cold, we just took advantage of the moment.
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The bridge of Deusto leaves us this great image of mountains not green but white.
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IMGP9981 copia.jpg

The park was full and swans swimming in the ice.
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The dogs, some warm and others not, ran like crazy and almost laughed.
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The museum and its promenade are white with people walking.
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IMGP9976 copia.jpg

The fountains with their icicles hanging full of moisture and glass.
IMGP0045 copia.jpg

Everything is enjoyment to walk through the snowy city.
IMGP0018 copia.jpg

I can not tell you when to visit my city in these conditions since they are not normal.
But if you are lucky it is something very special.
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Happy winter
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