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This is the last part of our Hong Kong/Macau trip that we did at the end of January! For those of you that missed out on the previous parts, please find it below:

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Tuesday 30th January - Hong Kong

We woke up and we couldn’t believe it was already our last day in Hong Kong! Don’t you hate it when time flies when you’re having fun? Our long weekend boiled down to this last day and what we wanted to do. We had two options, either head into Central and see all the sites we did not see on Saturday (including Victoria Peak) or roam around Lantau Island, which would consist of seeing an old fishing village and checking out Tian Tan Buddha. We opted for the latter as the weather had been the same it had always been throughout our time in Hong Kong – grey and cold. Therefore, if we went into Central and took the tram to Victoria Peak, we wouldn’t have been able to see a good view of Hong Kong from the top. Waste of time and money getting there. There will be another time.

Becca and Sam in front on Tian Tan Buddha

Tai O Fishing Village

Netty (our host) had her Filipino maid take care of her youngest daughter whilst her eldest got picked up by the school bus. She had the time to take us to see Tai O Fishing Village. The sleepy and almost abandoned looking village looked like it was living off its final legs. The houses looked unloved and there was a feeling in the air that everyone was just getting by. Most of the fishing boats were in and only a handful of shops in the markets in the village were opened. The markets had anything from live fish to preserved ones as well as a few exotic things. As we wandered through the village, we came across an old gallery with paintings of when the fishing village was ‘alive’ and ‘active’. These paintings could have depicted life in the village years’ ago or maybe we just came on an off-day and the village is heaving with people on any other day part from the day we came. Becca and Netty decided to get a few postcards from the elderly lady who ran the gallery’s shop as she kept on talking in Cantonese and was quite a persistent salesperson (even if she was talking in a language we couldn’t understand). Further along the trail through the village we came to an end, where there was a typical Chinese temple. Nothing special at all, but probably where the fishermen came to make an offering for a successful fishing day, week, month or year. As we came out of the temple, we saw a local searching along the beach at the daily rubbish that washed up that morning for anything valuable. Nothing, but rubbish for all we can see.

Welcome to Tai O Fishing Village

Fishing boats docked in for the day

The Alive, The Preserved, The Exotic

Chinese Temple

Local searching for anything valuable that might have washed up

Tian Tan Buddha

Not too far away from Tai O fishing village, and a few miles drive up into the center of Lautau Island, is where Tian Tan Buddha can be found, which is a large Buddha statue (34 metres tall). The statue was completed in 1993, so not that old. It was still such a misty day that we couldn’t get a clear view of the statue. However, as we got closer we saw how big this statue was. It was immense. Living in Thailand, we have seen a lot of Buddha statues in temples, but we are always impressed at any big projects such as this. Tian Tan Buddha is the main highlight of this area, but we roamed around the Po Lin Monastery checking out the various buildings on the ground. Ngong Ping is a small village nearby, which is dominated by souvenir shops, restaurants and the cable car station linking Ngong Ping with Tung Chung (near the airport).

Tian Tan Buddha

Finally, Cantonese Food

As the misty rain and cold winds weren’t going away, Netty proposed that we have a Dim Sum lunch in Ngong Ping village, which was right next to Tian Tan Buddha. Finally, we were getting some Cantonese food. We let Netty pick a few dishes to share and this is what we got:

A mixture of Dim Sum

Travelling Through Mist

After the delicious meal of Dim Sum, we were suggested by Netty to take the cable cars from Ngong Ping down to Tung Chung (airport area), where she would pick us up. Seeing that the weather was super foggy and misty, so we knew we wouldn’t see anything, but we went for the experience and we quite enjoyed it.

The view we got for most of the journey

Still smiles all around!

The cable cars did not have any heating and the cold winds were seeping into the cars, which made any part of your body that was exposed all frozen. The views became clearer after we passed most of the interesting bits and we were coming towards the end. The one-way journey down took twenty-five minutes. We were luckily that the queues from Ngong Ping were relatively short as in Tung Chung the queues were long to get up to Tian Tan Buddha.

Netty picked us up from a nearby shopping center as well as some sushi to take home for dinner. Which was accompanied with a Tsingstao (local beer)! After we had a simple meal of sushi, we were off to the airport.

Couldn't leave without trying a local brew

Overall, we had a fantastic time in Hong Kong and Macau! We got to see some of the sights as well as spending time catching up with old friends. Like any bustling city, there is a lot going on in Hong Kong and maybe this is why our holidays felt like it went quite quickly – the fast-pace life caught up to us. Macau had a more cultural feel with its old colonial buildings and influences from the Portuguese. We are craving some of that Portuguese food now! We can see ourselves stopping by Hong Kong again and hopefully next time we’ll visit Victoria Peak.

Thank you for reading our Hong Kong/Macau series! We hoped you’ve enjoyed it!

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