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Food Sharing #152 - Shabu-yo Kinshicho Parco @ Tokyo, Japan

Food Sharing #152 - Shabu-yo Kinshicho Parco @ Tokyo, Japan

December 2019 · 3 min read


Hi Everyone,

During our stay in Japan, the temperature dropped a lot especially at night so we wanted to have shabu shabu. We were lucky to find at one of the shopping centres Parco and this one offers an all you can eat option with different tiers in pricing. Just right outside the restaurant you could see a sample of what is available to eat at this all you can buffet. Perfect for what we need!


Let’s have a look at the menu and options. Price different between lunch and dinner with different tiers of the choice of meat. The most expensive allows you to order all the meats as well as sushi. We opt for 2 types of beef and pork. Beef in Japan is like a delicacy so we will have to include that to our option. You also get to choose a soup base so we ordered a chicken stock and clear broth. You want to order two special soup base, you just need to add an extra 100 yen to what I understand. Depending on your choice of dinner plan, they show you what type of meat you can order with the dots. There is also an all you can drink option for a small fee.

IMG_2724 (1).JPG




IMG_2382 (2).JPG

You will need to order the meats with the attendant and the rest you just go outside and pick what you want. Shabu shabu is very similar to the Chinese hotpot but they do have slightly different ingredients and dipping sauces. Look at all the yummy vegetables and noodles on offer. Other than the food, there is also dessert for those who have room after the main meal. Lots of sauces to mix and dip into and there are also congee, udon, pickles, curry and rice to eat with your shabu shabu.

IMG_1942 (1).JPG

IMG_5107 2 (1).JPG







There is a time limit of 100 minutes and services is not bad. The meat comes in trays so expect to have a tower of trays each time you order as the Japanese people do keep each piece of meet separate to each other for a nice presentation and to avoid the damage of the meat. Great place and I highly recommend those who want a warm meal in winter to have a try.



IMG_4815 2.JPG



Address: Japan, 〒130-0022 Tokyo, Sumida City, Kotobashi, 4 Chome−27, 錦糸町パルコ6階

大家好,今次去日本在晚上天氣只是非常冷所以就想吃日式火鍋. 剛好找到一間是自助餐形式讓我們可以慢慢吃. 這裡早上跟晚飯都不同價錢. 這裡要選一個湯底如何之後要看你選那個價錢的級別可以叫不同類型的肉類. 叫完肉就可以在外面拿自己喜歡的蔬菜,醬油,配料. 如果想選兩樣不同的特別湯底就要加上 100 yen. 我們叫了一個雞湯湯底. 這裡會限定 100 分鐘的時間讓你慢慢吃.


animation by @catwomanteresa

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Restaurant Information

Shabu-yo Kinshicho Parco
4-chōme-27-27番14号 Kōtōbashi, Sumida City, Tōkyō-to 130-0022, Japan

Food Sharing #152 - Shabu-yo Kinshicho Parco @ Tokyo, Japan
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