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corona hit the country, Not discouraging farmers to harvest rice, Sigli. Aceh Indonesia

corona hit the country, Not discouraging farmers to harvest rice, Sigli. Aceh Indonesia

March 2020 · 3 min read · Aceh

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The Corona Virus Outbreak Has Indeed Affected This Beloved Country, starting from overseas as well as from within the country, even though the Central Government and the provincial government have issued a notice so that people will no longer temporarily gather in crowded places and are urged to be in their respective homes. This instruction has already begun to take effect in big cities such as Aceh and surrounding areas, including in the countryside! But looking for sustenance remains the main field and is a habit for farmers to earn a fortune, so it does not dampen their steps to go to their respective fields to find sustenance that God entrusted to them, namely planting rice in their respective rice fields. ! seen below are some pictures that I took some time ago from a camera of my smartphone.

Photographs of photos of farmers harvesting rice.
Photographs of photos of farmers harvesting rice.

Rice is a staple food for the Indonesian population in general, including those in which the majority of the population consumes rice for processing and then becomes rice, so that the rice is cooked first, then after being cooked it is consumed as staple food for the Indonesian population. Including in Aceh also rice or rice is a staple food for them in their daily lives

Image Photo of farmers when they want to harvest rice.
Image Photo of farmers when they want to harvest rice.

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Aceh is a province whose capital is in Aceh. as one of the very special regions granted by the central government and also given special autonomy authority so that Aceh is one of the westernmost provinces in Indonesia which is located at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra and the majority of the population located at the tip of Sumatra is Aceh consuming rice as a staple food which is processed by a grinding machine so that it becomes rice and is ready to be cooked and then consumed or eaten as a staple food as a characteristic of Aceh citizens.

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Pictures of rice harvesting machine cars that I took from a smartphone camera a few days ago
Pictures of rice harvesting machine cars that I took from a smartphone camera a few days ago

The peasants did not mean to ignore the intrusion from the local authorities so that they would no longer gather in their places but the name of the virus or the outbreaks of coronas was believed by the locals to be a test that God had set so that the local people would submit themselves to the Almighty God. . while trusting and submitting to Allah Almighty as the god they believe in and Imani as their god. so that they do not forget and panic about the virus phenomenon And be vigilant in maintaining a good hygiene, cleanliness of clothing or body hygiene which they maintain at all times to prevent disease or outbreaks called corona virus, .. god so that the outbreak of the virus would immediately be lifted and eliminated by the almighty God.

Similarly, friend Steemit Posting that I can convey.

may the corona virus outbreak be quickly lifted and eliminated by an almighty god both from abroad and from within the country. And those given the test in the form of corona virus disease may be healed by the almighty God, so that the population of this country can move back to normal.

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