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PC FOOD Fried Chicken: I am fan...

PC FOOD Fried Chicken: I am fan...

January 2020 · 4 min read


Chicken fry is a very popular fast food all over the world as well as in Bangladesh. There are a lot of restaurants of chicken fry. I took chicken fry on different restaurants in Chittagong city. One of those was PC FOOD FRIED CHICKEN.



This restaurant is situated at Halishahar in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It's a residential area of chittagong. The restaurant is at the side of street.


It is choosing for local food review as per two reasons as follows:

  • The restaurant is at very near to my home.
  • The restaurant serves food with local flavor.


Is it local?

Chicken fry is a world wide recognised and popular food. But why I treated it in the category of local food for reviewing in tasteem? Though it is a widely known for all over the world, but chicken fry of this restaurant is something different from the others.

They serve the chicken fry that is tasted sour! Sour taste chicken fry is not available every where. The taste make it something different from the others.



This chicken fry is something different from others that I have mentioned earlier. That is sour tasted. I think any special ingredient is mixed with the recipe to change its original taste and make it distinct and a special.

This distinction in the flavour and taste is obviously fabulous and sapid that's why people come here again and again.



The interior design is very prudent and excellent as they have used by specific space very efficiently. The total area is not so wide but managed very good way that's why the best capacity is attained with the decoration.



A very important factor when choosing any restaurant for every day going is the hygiene that have maintained by that authority.

This restaurant is very much clear. All the equipments and materials by using which the food is start are looking so good and clean. Many food lovers avoid fried items as thats are very oily and create some problems like cholesterol, gastric problems etc.

This restaurant is preparing food in front of the restaurant so that every customer can observe their preparing process and be confirmed about their oil content on the.

That's why I can give a better rating on the basis of hygiene and cleanliness of the restaurant as well as for the food they served.



Service is another factor by which we become a fan of any restaurant or food or maybe bored to avoid that.

By the title, I think you already came to know that I am a great fan of this restaurant and the food that I am describing in this post. The service of that PC food fried chicken was really awesome.

They all are well mannered as well as skilled and experienced. They served the food very fast with out delay.



There is another reason that's why I became fan of this restaurant is the price of the product.

When we go to with our spouse in a restaurant actually don't look over the wallet. If I become very concerned about the price of the product then our stores me misunderstood us.

So I also didn't ask about the price of the product. But when I noticed on the price list after ordering the foids, I became relief.

It was under control. They charged considerable amount of price for the foods.


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Is it the best?

They are claiming that the chicken fry is world's best chicken fry. What is my judgement about thiswhat is my judgement about this statement?

I will not support that it is the world's best because the word best is very specific and very strong that will be applied only one among the whole world.

But I am sure whenever you will take this food, you will also agree with me that: the chicken fry is better than many others and when we consider the price than it is actually surprising quality at the minimum price range that is affordable for middle class persons.



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Restaurant Information



Halishahar, Chittagong, Bangladesh

PC FOOD Fried Chicken: I am fan...
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