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Beef Mejban: Best Tradition; Great Fun

Beef Mejban: Best Tradition; Great Fun

December 2019 · 3 min read


Mejban is a great tradition of Bangladesh specially in Chittagong. It is an invitation of thousands people who are treated rice with special recipe of beef called Beef Mejban...

Now everywhere in Chittagong, different types of local traditional foods are available and popular too. People from different regions are also travel here to have this traditional foods.

There are a lot of traditional items famous in Chittagong. Among them some are specially mentioned as:

  • Beef Mejban
  • Nola
  • Orosh Biriyani
  • Dry fish
  • Black Vuna Beef & so on.

We sometimes go to different restaurants for tasting traditional flavour. Last day, we went to AK khan circle at Kutumbari Restaurant for taking launch with Beef Mejban.


It is a popular restaurant which has three others brances at different places in Chittagong.


It was yesterday, a winter afternoon when we entered at Kutumbari Restaurant. It is a restaurant that serves Bengali, Indian and Chinese foods as per customer requirement.


It is a well decorated, neat and clean restaurant. The interior decoration is very smart. The hotel boys are very skilled as they manage huge crowd everyday very prudently.



The speciality of this restaurant is it serves local food with local environment. They use traditional ground plate and bowls to serve food that creates a natural primitive rural atmosphere synchronized with the gloomy interior.


The lighting is awesome. Different colorful lights are matched with the environment that extends the calmness of the restaurant. That's why, the crowd at pick hours become covered.


It is surprising for a local popular restaurant to maintain the personality at each points. In Bangladesh, as it is a densely populated country, whenever a restaurant become famous for its food and economic parity, then the restaurant become noisy.

The interior become haphazard and hardly control its own personality. That's why most of the brands are not for mass customer. They only target a class. Otherwise it faila to keep up quality in accordance with the increasing quantity.


But the restaurant Kutumbari is still now maintaining its quality and calmness though whenever we got there, we get a big crowd.


Now let we taste the Beef Mejban. It is one of my favourite local dishes. Though earlier it was a traditional program that was called Mejbani. Here thousands of people were invited. They were served rice with special beef item named Beef Mejban. It was cooked with special mejbani masala.


Now this tradition is integrated with restaurant business. They are commercially cooking this dishes and selling by different restaurants. It becomes popular day by day. Kutumbari restaurant serves this dish at Saturday and Tuesday per week.


It is a delicious food. We like rice with beef item traditionally. This beef item has special flavour and taste.

There were also served pulsethat mixed with Mejban beef.


We completed our launch finishing all beef and pulse. But there was more rice. The amount of food was more than enough. Anyone would must be satisfied with the quantity. And I believe that most of the people will be pleased with the quality too.


It costs affordable for middle class family as per person it charged only 250 BDT. that is equivalent to $03 only.

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My rating about Beef Mejban as well as for Kutumbari Restaurant:

  • Food: 5/5
  • Decoration: 5/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Prices: 5/5
  • Hygiene: 4/5



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Restaurant Information

Kutumbari Restaurant


Dhaka - Chittagong Hwy, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Beef Mejban: Best Tradition; Great Fun
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