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Candy Orosh: Real Candor For Food Lovers

Candy Orosh: Real Candor For Food Lovers

January 2020 · 4 min read


Take away foods are the foods that we buy & bring to our home. Generally this takeaway foods are found on the restaurants besides Street, highway etc..

When and Where?

In Chittagong city, the GEC Circle is a very busy and popular are. There a lot of people walk away everyday. It is one of the most important places in this city.

As per gathering of the place, there are a lot of restaurants available on the round of the circle. Some restaurants are for taking heavy foods, some are for drinks and beverage, some are serving bakery items, some of these restaurants are offering take away food.


The restaurants offering take away foods are benefited by not requiring much space to entertain the customer. They just need some space to store and decoration of the product.


Today I am going to review Candy. It's a good restaurant in the GEC circle at chittagong city. It is very popular and well known restaurant in the city. But the area of the restaurant is very little. Most of the people come here to take away foods from the restaurant.


A few days ago, my younger brother was pressurised to treat us for the occasion of his birthday. He bought some packages of Orosh Biriani from candy.



What is Orosh Biryani?

Orosh is a primitive culture of chittagong city. It is something like a conference of the pious people to any religious spot at any significant day related to Islam where the Islamic scholars deliver lecture to motivation and spread religious knowledge to the general people who participated on the program. At the orosh program, there is an arrangement of having dinner for the participants.

Traditionally there is cooked a beef Biryani that have a totally different taste and smell from our regular cooked Biriani.

This traditional food is popularly known as Orosh Biryani. Recently different local restaurants in Chittagong is promoting this tradition for business purposes.

They're offering a Biriani titled by Orosh Biryani, that is reassembled to the actual orosh Biryani in terms of taste, flavour and smell.


About the Food

It is actually very much tasty and delicious food. My brother was thanks by all of our family members for choosing this food. It spreads the actual orosh biryani smell. Taste was not actually 100% same as the original one. But it is very close.

There was a lot beef on the Biryani that is actually surprising considering the price of the food.


About the restaurant

Candy is a very famous restaurant that I mentioned above. It have been kept its popularity for a long period of time and people are so satisfied with the service and quality of the restaurant that they always make huse gather on the restaurant.

Whenever you will go there, you will find a crowd around the restaurant. Everybody in this city know the name of this restaurant and most of the people of this city have been tested its foods. I am damn sure that about all of them are satisfied.


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Service and price

As I have mentioned earlier that there is always a lot of crowd of the customers in the restaurant, so that restaurant staffs are very skilled and they are maintaining this crowd in a well manner.

There is a system of paying first and taking token and after that the token is to be submitted on the counter of food. Then thet starts to ready the Biryani packet and serve it. For practicing this culture system for a long period of time the stuffs become very much skilled. So you have to wait the minimum time to be serve the food and go away to your home for testing the food.

Now I will say about the price. It is very surprising that you are getting a packet of biryani which has also a cultural value and traditional significance, but the price only $1 per packet. Though at the quality of this product demands more.

Atually the owner of candy believes on getting low profit margin and spreading is product most of the people. This is targeting the mass customers. That's why surprise is very much low compared to the other restaurants situated in GST circle.

My rating

Food 5/5
Service 5/5
Decoration 4/5
Quality 5/5
Price 5/5
Hygiene 4/5

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Restaurant Information



GEC More, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Candy Orosh: Real Candor For Food Lovers
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