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°Pineapple is not just to eat but lots of other benefits that really help us all

  • Pineapple is a high fruit content that can be used for your health, pineapple fruit benefits that we can know is, the benefits of pineapple fruit for the diet, pineapple benefits for cholesterol, pineapple benefits for beauty, pineapple fruit benefits for pregnant women. Nowadays eating healthy food has become a lifestyle that has been applied by some people to get a healthy body and also energy in doing a series of daily activities. From consuming yogurt, meat, vegetables to fruits. One of the fruit that is currently often consumed is pineapple fruit. Pineapple fruit is found in many supermarkets and markets. Sometimes also made in the form of fruit salad and juice.

  • Pineapple is a fruit that is in the tropics where it has many nutrients that are good for the body. Vitamins as well as minerals contained in pineapple fruit is needed by the body. Benefits of pineapple fruit. In general, people prefer to consume pineapple juice than the fruit directly. In pineapple juice itself contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and also vitamin C and bromelain. Pineapple fruit is a fruit that is low in cholesterol and low in calories so good for everyday consumption. not only that fiber from the pineapple fruit will also rejuvenate the cells in the body such as bone growth and bone health itself.

  • Pineapple fruit is very helpful to us, so you do not hesitate to plant pineapple in the garden, because planting this fruit does not need high capital, the capital is just a desire?

        1.Strengthen the immune system

Well, a good immune system will be able to prevent the disease that will attack the body such as cough, runny nose, sore throat and even severe diseases such as bronchitis though. Bromelain content contained in pineapple fruit is also known as anti-cancer substances. Consuming pineapple fruit will both prevent the onset of cancer.

       2.Rich In Vitamin C

Pineapple fruit contains bromealin and also vitamin C is very high and rich in antioxidants in which the content can fight the presence of free radicals that will attack the body. Pineapple fruit that has vitamin C content is useful as a prevention of plaque buildup in arteries atheroscldrosis that can cause heart disease

      3.For Fertility of Men and Women

It's what's unique. Pineapple fruit is used as juice has a content of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C previously mentioned, beta carotene, copper, zinc and folate. The content has benefits in helping to increase fertility in men as well as women. Other evidence that pineapple juice has no less important benefits in sexuality. However, the evidence is still not supported by other scientific theories that are still not true.


  • for pregnant women are advised not to consume foods such as pineapple, karna pineapple fruit can harm your fetus,

-Contraction Trigger

The first danger of pineapple for pregnant women is the trigger of contraction. This is because the pineapple fruit can cause the fetus to move better and urged the contraction caused by the pineapple effect that gives the baby a sense of heat. This condition of course also will not make Mother's own comfortable. Although these effects actually occur and occur when pregnant women consume large amounts of pineapple, but medically it is forbidden to consume pineapple especially when it comes to signs of childbirth because it can cause the baby's condition is disturbed.

-Promote the Birth of a Premature Baby

The third danger of pineapple for pregnant women is to encourage the birth of premature babies or babies born less months. The same thing has been explained at the end of the explanation in point 2 that the pineapple can soften the cervix of the mother causing the birth of premature babies because of the content of bromelain owned by pineapple fruit.

-Increase Risk of Miscarriage

The fourth danger of pineapple fruit for pregnant women is to increase the risk of miscarriage. This one danger is usually often diwanti-war in the community. This is because the content of bromelain owned by pineapple fruit, where the content can cause a strong contraction in the cervix so that pregnant women will feel like receiving induction.

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