This never-ending battle of humanity vs virus has resulted to cause severe impact on the mother earth and the cycle of nature. And, now the start of the year with Corona virus causing pandemic situation all around the globe might bring the entire human race into a catastrophic position. However, it can also bring new innovation, and approach in terms of mitigating, and eradicating the virus.

Corona Virus Situation in Nepal
Corona Virus Situation in Nepal

Sadly, a poor country like Nepal can only think of prevention, and adoption of technology from outer countries to control the virus. The cure of such virus completely depends upon the medicine innovated in developed countries. The most difficult situation is when, the world runs short of medicines, and other medical utilities, Nepal has to go with severe situation.

Currently, in Nepal, the condition looks promising in comparision to the ongoing situation in outer world. There are total 4 patient suffering from the attack of corona virus.One of the patient has recovered, while other 3 are under care. Still, seeing the condition to outbreak the virus, the situation can go horrifying regarding the population density, and lack of proper health care inside the country.


However, not to bring Nepal into the possible catastrophic situation, the government has already declared the lockdown. The airport and everything connecting to the outer world is blocked.

Nepal has to depend India, and China for trade and supplies. And, with this blockade, the possible shortage in food and supplies will bring inflation , and will also might cause hand-to-mouth problem for majority of poor, underprivilege communities, and even there might be severe conflict situation in urban areas.

Positive Aspects


Though , the lockdown is causing severe impact in day to day life of the people. Its the best decision taken by the government to control.the flow of the virus. The curfew situation is all around the country.

Preventive Healthcare:

There are quarantines made in different parts of the country to help in solving and mitigating the sudden outbreak. The medical utilities are not that all, but looks to be a Ray of hope during this situation.

Social Distancing:

Social distancing is being followed in the country. The world is engulfed in technology, and people are using as the way to get out of daily social life.

People are busy making fun videos, communicating with own people, doing productive stuffs. There's also dullness ,and sadness in people, but atleast its bringing a positive impact for a while.

There is also a deep thought to keep in from human perspective , we must have to appreciate this place is for all the animals and vegetation. Now, the urban lakes are clear, the road side in forest are silent and animals are playing with warm heart. The seas and ocean are getting clear. The ozone is healing as well.

We must have to bring positivity, and good heart at this moment. This phase will go away, and a new sunshine of life will blossom.

Stay Safe.Take Care.