Nepal, a beautifully and naturally decorated place with Himalayas, Hills, rivers, lakes, wildlife, and the eternal culture and people. The Himalayan land offers enthralling experience of travel.

So, seeking this experience, I planned to travel Western Nepal. The Journey will cover three districts, Palpa, Bandipur, and Gorkha.

So, this us a museum in the hisyoric pace of Nepal called as Gorkha, the birth place of the greatest king of Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah.The place which give birth to real Gurkhas who fight for the sovereignity and independence of the nation. I made my visit here, to look into the culture and the events of 17th century. The history goes long back to 17 th to19th century, when the Gurkha made their mark in the world with their courage and bravery.

Gorkha Museum

Utensil used in 17th Century

This was one of the proudest moment to be on this museum , as I get to know my ancestors tribute to my motherland. The trip went with a lot of heart filling with joy and proud moment.

Bandipur is one of my favorite place, that got the best view of Himalayas, beautiful blend of culture, nature, and the ethinicity. Bandipur provides majestic view of Himalayas, and also beautifull view of hill towns, along with the culture.

Palpa is a hill town offering the views of beautiful hills, culturally decorated town, and a place of great historical significance. The ambiance in the night is just magical, and the cultural houses looks beautiful in the town.

Palpa Palace

Then, I made my way to Kaligandaki River. The river has a divine blue color clean water flowing silent yet so pure. The divine view is a treat for the eyes. I was really fascinated to lookupon the nature beautiful creation and to see the hills and rivers with an enthralling atmosphere.

This was one of the most divine, and holy river I have ever seen in the hills of Nepal.

The trip happen to be the greatest moment of my life to understand and enjoy the beauty of history, culture, and nature.