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The most beautiful beaches to visit in the kingdom of Morocco

The most beautiful beaches to visit in the kingdom of Morocco

January 2020 · 3 min read · Tilougguite

Morocco has many wonderful beaches to explore, which makes this beautiful country a popular destination in the summer. Next, you will discover 6 of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco.

Saidia Beach, Saidia

Saidia, Morocco by Simo Khelloqi @Flickr
Saidia, Morocco by Simo Khelloqi @Flickr

Saidia is a city that is located near the Algerian border in the north of Morocco, and it is a charming city on the Mediterranean sea featuring one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. This city is mostly busy in the summer when tourists flock to here for a fun vacation on the beach.

Legzira beach, Sidi Ifni

legzira beach by stendar @Flickr
legzira beach by stendar @Flickr

Legzira beach is located between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, and like its other Atlantic counterparts, the 8 km-long stretch of Legzira Beach is windy, rocky, and expansive. What makes Legzira unique, however, were its two mammoth stone arches. Naturally formed after years of erosion, these sedimentary giants jutted out into the perpetually crashing waves and are accessible during low-tide.

Sadly, only one of the two arches now remains. The other collapsed in late 2016, undermined by wave action. The second arch is probably also at risk of eventual collapse, as the sea continues to wear away at the fragile red sandstone from which it is formed.

Asilah Beaches, Asilah

Playa de las cuevas, Asilah by Maxim @Flickr
Playa de las cuevas, Asilah by Maxim @Flickr

Asilah is a charming fortified city located in the northwest of Morocco on the stunning Atlantic coast . This white city is vibrant in the summer, as Moroccans and tourists flock to its Atlantic beaches to enjoy the water and the fresh sea air.

There are many beaches to choose from both to the north and south of Asilah. However, the main Town Beach is the most obvious choice.

Sidi Kaouki Beach, Essaouira

Sidi Kaouki by Peter Mercer @Flickr
Sidi Kaouki by Peter Mercer @Flickr

Sidi Kaouki is a popular alternative to the nearby city of Essaouira, as it is distinguished by its splendid wild beaches and small sand dunes. Also, during the summer time, horses and camels are available to tourists for beach trips as well as sunbeds.

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Martil Beach, Tetouan

Martil by Alfa Beta @Flickr
Martil by Alfa Beta @Flickr

Martil is a Town northeast of the city of Tetouan in the Mediterranean Sea. This magnificent small town turns into an oasis of activities in the summer time when Moroccans and tourists flock to it to enjoy the splendor of its white sandy beaches, warm waters, and views of the lush green mountains.

Martil is not only a popular destination for tourists during the summer, but it is busy all year round, as locals from nearby cities like Tangier head here to spend the weekend.

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Temara Plage, Temara

Plage de Temara by WiLPrZ @Flickr
Plage de Temara by WiLPrZ @Flickr

Temara Plage, located 13 km south of Rabat, is a wild beach easily accessible from the Moroccan capital.

Temara is a popular beach resort for the residents of Rabat, with the wealthier among them having splendid holiday villas along the beachfront. Visitors to Morocco are discovering that Temara, while not at the top of the conventional list of places to visit, has quite a few pleasant surprises such as its beautiful beaches.

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