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The best shopping experience in Marrakech ,Morocco | Best shopping places

The best shopping experience in Marrakech ,Morocco | Best shopping places

January 2020 · 4 min read · Marrakesh

Marrakech, or as it is known as the red city, is home to many distinct markets that are open throughout the week from early morning to evening everyday. Shopping in Marrakech is very enjoyable and exciting for tourists and locals as well.

In the markets, you will find tons of shops that sell everything that comes to mind, especially handicrafts and traditional Moroccan products. Sellers in the market always welcome you with a smile, while others offer free mint tea to visitors. You should know that most of the markets in Marrakech are basically historical sites and squares that were built centuries ago.

Next, I will introduce you to a selection of the most beautiful and wonderful markets and shops in Marrakech that you should visit if you plan on traveling there.

Marrakech Souks in the northern area of the city

Marrakech souks by Mr Seb @Flickr

In Marrakech, when you ask people about the most famous market there, they will most likely tell you to head to the northern area of ​​the city which contains a maze of the most wonderful and major markets in the city. This area features several markets that sell almost anything you can think of, but due to the high prices of the real estate in this area, the goods and products are often overpriced compared to other markets in the city. However, you can find many cheap products in the covered northern markets. There, you will find a market just for the beautifully decorated carpets, a market for the spices, a market for leather products, and other markets that sell specific products.

Cherifia Market

Cherifia Souk by paniermarrakech @Flickr

In Cherifia market, you will find a collection of shops that sell beautiful artifacts designed by young Moroccan designers. Also, you will find beautifully embroidered linens, high-quality towels, fine soft silk, and leather products, in addition to a variety of souvenirs that are distinguished by their authentic Moroccan designs.

Mustapha Blaoui Market

 Mustapha Blaoui souk by jessicaplin @Flickr

This souk is one of the most wonderful shopping places in Marrakech. Here, you can get the finest furniture, beautiful ceramic materials, and much more. In Marrakech, everyone call this market, the wonderland, because of the huge number of shops and shops that sell furniture, lamps, and glassware, in addition to carpets, and antiques that have been brought in from all over North Africa.

33 Rue Majorelle Fashion Shop

 33 Rue Majorelle Shop by

33 Rue Majorelle is one of the unique shops located in Marrakech. This beautifully designed shop features a wonderful collection of fashions, shoes, jewelry, and accessories, all designed by more than 60 top Moroccan designers, in addition to luxury hats, ceramics, and Argan Oil cosmetic products.

Soufiane Zarib Carpet Shop

Cousins Soufiane and Ismail Zarib by Michael Magers

This shop sells the best types of carpets in Marrakech. They have all kind of moroccan carpets ranging from vintage Berber to contemporary in-house designs. The shop shipps carpets to U.S., Europe, and Australia, including Lillian August in New York, with private clients such as models Iman and Bethann Hardison. The firm also designed original pieces for the Christian Dior fashion show in Marrakech last spring.

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Atika Shoes Shop

Atika Shoes Store by Atika

This is a shop that sells wonderful colored leather shoes that are beautifully designed and well presented to clients. Here, you will also find a fine line in chic and stylish footwear (boots, sandals, sneakers, etc., for men and women) in a range of local and international styles.

With more colours than a candy shop, Atika's comfy loafers are a MarrakeCh must-have. Some customers have been known to buy their favourite shoe in 10 different colors, and at Dh530 to Dh700 a pair, a quarter of the price of designer-brand look alikes, who can blame them?

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Al Nour Shop

Al-Nour Shop by

The shop offers a collection of delicately embroidered clothes and textiles made by a team of women with disabilities, but they are truly talented and work in a large workshop near the shop. Their embroiderers are proud to work daily on a lovely selection of clothing for women, men and children, home textiles and a wide range of accessories using 100% natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool, silk and pashmina. Prices are fixed in the shop and do not change.

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