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The best beautiful places to visit in Rabat, Morocco

The best beautiful places to visit in Rabat, Morocco

January 2020 · 4 min read · Rabat-Salé-Kenitra

This modern capital is located near Casablanca and is easily accessible from nearby coastal cities such as Tangier and Essaouira, and it is also a great departure to explore other cities in the middle of morocco like Fes and Meknes.

Hassan Tower

  Morocco, Rabat by dimaruss34 @flickr
Morocco, Rabat by dimaruss34 @flickr

The construction of the Hassan Tower began in the 12th century, and the tower was supposed to become the minaret of the largest mosque in the entire world. Unfortunately, the Moroccan ruler, Jacob Mansour, who started the project, died before its completion. In 2012, these monuments became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The historical Chellah City

  RABAT - Morocco, by Alviero41 @flickr
RABAT - Morocco, by Alviero41 @flickr

Chellah is an ancient medieval fortified city located on the outskirts of Rabat near the Abu Regreg River. It is a very quiet and beautiful place, and the entire site is full of abandoned ancient buildings and beautiful plants.

Rabat Zoo

Rabat Zoo is impressive and quite large. The size of this zoo and the sheer quantity of different animals that can be seen here (130 different animals) make this place worth a visit. This zoo also contains a variety of animals that can only be seen in the African safari tours such as elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, and hippos.

The Royal Palace

  Rabat by Cliffwilliams @flickr
Rabat by Cliffwilliams @flickr

The Royal Palace in Rabat is the official residence of the King and the royal family.

The official name of this palace is the Al-Mishwar Al-Saeed Palace which means the Palace of Happiness. The Palace also includes administrative and government buildings, gardens, and a large procession square.

The Royal Palace in Rabat can only be seen from a distance because entry is prohibited. However, even from afar you will feel the splendor of this building and its majestic design.

Go on a boat trip

  Morocco, Rabat by dimaruss34 @flickr
Morocco, Rabat by dimaruss34 @flickr

One of the great activities you can do in Rabat is to take a short boat trip on the river of bouregreg. Aside from the expensive fancy boats, you can rent rowing boats that are way cheaper and they are perfect for a relaxing evening on the river. A boat trip is also a great way to see the old fortified Kasbah of Oudaya from a different angle.

The Kasbah of Oudaya

  RABAT - Marocco, by Alviero41 @flickr
RABAT - Marocco, by Alviero41 @flickr

The old Kasbah of Oudaya is basically the historical and the ancient part of Rabat city, and it is located on top of a cliff overlooking the place where the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean meet. The view from the fortified Kasbah is stunning and it is a great place to enjoy the sunset from.

The Kasbah of Oudaya is now a beautiful residential area, and it would be very nice to stroll through the narrow little streets of this ancient city.

The Andalusian Gardens

  Rabat, Morocco by Yotut @flickr
Rabat, Morocco by Yotut @flickr

These gardens were built by the French in the 20th century and have been kept in excellent condition to this day. Here you will see a mixture of Andalusian flowers and shrubs, as well as some orange, lemon and banana trees.

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Rabat old town (Medina)

  Rabat, Morocco by Yotut @flickr
Rabat, Morocco by Yotut @flickr

No trip to a Moroccan city will be complete without spending some time wandering in the streets of the old city, and Rabat is no exception. Rabat old town is one of the oldest Moroccan cities featuring narrow streets and unique designs.

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Relax on the coast

Rabat, Morocco by jenk9photography @flickr
Rabat, Morocco by jenk9photography @flickr

Rabat and the nearby city of Sale have beautiful coastlines for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get some fresh sea air.

Rabat also has some beautiful beaches, but the closest ones are usually very crowded, so it may be better to take a shared taxi from the city center to go to the beaches located at about 13 km south of the city.

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