When I planned my backpacking route through Brazil, I was not sure about including the state of Pernambuco, I did it mainly because of the possibility of going to its natural jewel: the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, but when finding out on site, the costs were very high , so I chose to know other places in its geography, such as its hectic capital: Recife, a city that moves between ancient and modern airs.

Photo: The historic center of Recife unfolds between the bridges that rise over the Capibaribe river

This coastal city surprises with the amount of skyscrapers and large modern buildings it has. With traffic and many commercial areas, it is a bit complicated to know its charms, but it has them, for example the historic center (Recife Antigo), Santo Antônio, Boa Vista and Boa Viagem.

Photo: The beaches of Recife, like those in the Boa Viagem area, have warnings like the ones in the image. This coast of Brazil, according to National Geographic, concentrates 50% of shark attacks that occur throughout South America. The reason remains a mystery ...

One of the peculiarities of the center of Recife is that it is formed by several islands and peninsulas, over there the Capibaribe river passes before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. There are bridges that connect these islands and peninsulas, and it is that condition that has made this city also known as "The Venice of Brazil."

As for its history, I read that it was one of the first Portuguese settlements in Brazil, founded in 1530, when the cultivation of sugar cane was introduced and brutally subjected the indigenous population of the place. Then African slaves were brought in, later in 1630 the Dutch also came to invade, and that is why Pernambuco has a cultural mix of three continents that has influenced his way of being, especially in music. Popular rhythms like the forró, the frevo and the drums of the maracatu were born here, all of them can be enjoyed in their splendor during the carnivals.

Below I share some of the photos I took on my tour, taken with a Sony Cyber Shot 7.2 mp digital camera ...

In the center of Recife

In a subway station in Recife

Part of the facade of Casa da Cultura (House of Culture), a building that was previously a prison

Interior of the House of Culture, what were once the cells of the prisoners are now small shops of handicrafts, clothing, accessories ...

Some of the things that can be seen and bought in the House of Culture

Church of Sao Jose

Recife City Museum, a Dutch-built fort (1667) which is also known as Forte de São Tiago das Cinco Pontas

A bit of the chaotic center of Recife

Sao Jose Market and its variety of products

Mauricio de Nassau Bridge

Paço Alfândega, a shopping center that used to be a convent and also customs. It is small, it does not have so many stores, but thanks to its rustic and modern architecture, it is attractive to visit

The Marco Zero in the Rio Branco Square, is known as the place where the city of Recife was founded, in the background you can see the Sculpture Park

Buildings in front of the Plaza do Marco Zero

Old Recife

Republic Square

So far this ride ...