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Fails of the Urban Explorer: A Few More Fails

Fails of the Urban Explorer: A Few More Fails

February 2020 · 4 min read · England

My 'Fails' pile is being whittled down and after these, I'm down to all 'Tales' again. That's good as I like to tell the 'Fails' as well as the 'Tales'.


Fails’ can easily become ’Tales’ after a revisit. Alight, enough about all that, as you’re probably thinking I’m a little mad by now.


Barmoor Castle

After seeing the caption for this post you may think, ‘what’s that doing in this post’. A derelict castle is a first for me, and I came upon it purely by accident.


It is signposted clearly from the country lane and is host to one of those tourist caravan parks where you rent the place for a weekend.


In deepest January the site was deserted as the whole county appears to be closed during this month.


Someone also lives right next door to this impressive building, thus the reason why I wasn't climbing the walls to get inside.


Look closer and you will see the castle isn’t what it appears to be.


I peered through this mesh and could see building materials inside (again). The curse of my Northumberland trip was to continue with another failure.


They are so friendly around this area. No entry... pah!


Costa Teguise Sports Club

I had this one down as a definite only to find they are renovating it. Damn!


New Years Day is as good as it comes. You're not going to find builders working in there, especially early in the morning but I'm here for snaps of decay, not building materials.




The Gym has been infiltrated by other Urban Explorers past, and I could see it wasn't so far away.


Could I slip under this fencing? There are always those metal bits facing downward that poke you in the belly if you try.



With @bingbabe being with me I thought better of it. The starving snarling dogs roaming the grounds in need of some human meat to feast on wasn’t encouraging me.


Ewart Park Mansion

Some days you get that feeling that you shouldn't be doing this. The sign didn't particularly bother me as you can see they are using the 'maybe be' proviso.


The fact is they will just escort you off the premises and that's about all.


...'I knew the hounds were down there and inside the gatekeepers house, they have maddening good hearing'...

What was bothered me was the pack of bloodhounds howling away in the residence that was the most direct route to Ewart Park Mansion.

Every step I took, a twig cracked below my foot, or some fowl would fly from the ground upwards squawking loudly.


To the left was a field of bulls. They were intently staring at me. In front were at least THREE lots of barbed wire fencing that was obviously very newly erected.

You get these moments when you need to make a decision.


...'Should I Stay or Should I go?'...

It's clichéd to hell but the decision has to be made. That day I turned back with the Mansion in my sights through the trees.

I could see it but the feeling was ‘bad’. I am really getting to dislike nosey bulls.


Wood Top Mill

I guess this mill was much larger once, and this was another drive-by that I came upon. The grounds are full of tumbleweeds so this is all that is left.


It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon and besides some workmen who kept shouting quite deserted.

…’they were working on a rooftop, so was it me they were yelling at?’…

I have been too much prettier mills; yes, this was to be in the lower reaches of my 'beautiful mills' portfolio.




A stroll around the side revealed this flapping tarpaulin lazily flapping in the wind, but was there a way in?




I have made a point of not doing mills solo and besides I had no light that day.





Yes, there is a way in, but would you crawl through this dingy-looking hole? I had a look and it was quite black down there.


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Not to mention wet and a 6-foot drop. I'll come back armed with a light next time and a companion. Wood Top Mill is still on my hit list.



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