Here's my share of Beautiful Sunday initiated by @ace108

I will never forget the time when I went to Guam, It was really a special trip for me. I got to travel going there alone for the first time in my whole life. I went there to take an exam. I also had side trips with some of my family's friends. This trip made me learn a lot like how to budget, look for places to go to and meet new people.


This is how part of my trip went. When I got to the airport, one of my mom's friend picked me up and brought me to his office. This was how his office looked like. The painting on the first photo was part of his office, I remember him saying that it came from a businessman


This was a photo outside of his office. He treated me breakfast and then we waited until I got to check in all my luggages at hotel Santa Fe.

After checking in, he borught me to Ruby Tuesday and I ate a sandwich there. I was surprised with the serving because the portions were huge. I never experienced something like that here in the Philippines.

He brought me back to the hotel and I was so curious on how the beach looked like so I went there. I was surprised that the water was very clear. It was also my first time seeing white sand because most of the beaches that I went to here in the Philippines had black sand.


I remember that I walked from my hotel going to Saint ANthony's Church

This was how beautiful their adoration room looked like.

The next day, I went to get some breakfast in the hotel itself. I ordered Fried rice with shirmps and the portion was huge also. I drank Iced tea with it. The best part of this breakfast was eating while you're enjoying the view of the beach.



I remember while I was resting inside my room and reviewing, someone was knocking at my door. When I checked the peep hole, it was an unfamiliar face. I opened it and she introduced herself, she is one of my grandpa's scholars before. She was there with her daughter and she was kind enough to drop me all these fruits and she gave me her contact and told me that she'll bring me out.

The following day was my exam. It was really a tiring day. Tito Do, the one who picked me up from the airport brought me to the place where I took the exam and brought me back to the hotel after. I went to the beach again and saw this military plane. I took photos of it because I remember that my younger brother loved airplanes especially those that come from the military, when I showed him that picture he told me what kind of plane it was. I guess it was normal to see those kinds of planes there because of the Military base that is located in that island



I explored Guam some more during the next day, I ate at Shirley's restaurant that is located right beside the hotel. I ordered Golden Fried Shrimp. I loved it's taste and it got me ready for the day.


Before trying to explore, I couldn't help myself visit the beach before going anywhere else.

My sister gave me her photo and told me to take photos of her photo in some of the locations that I visit.

I went out for a walk to go these were the things that I passed. It was just so nice to see some of the flowers here.


I passed this yard with all these cars, I think they were for sell or for rent. I just thought that won't exposing these cars to the harsh environment( It's actually hot here and the weather was moody wherein it would suddenly rain) decrease the value of these cars?

It's just nice to see a lot of trees in this place, it just reminded me of home.

After my walk, the daughter of Tita Rose Marie(Grandpa's scholar) picked me up. We had dinner at a hotel and it was a buffet. I ate a lot and I enjoyed their company.

They even treated me after in this place called Yogurtland, It was so cool to choose the flavor of your yogurt and add the toppings but I didn't know that they calculate the price from how heavy it was.

They were so kind that they even bought me some more groceries for my whole stay here. I was fortunate enough to have Family Friends without them my life would be more difficult. Thank God for very generous people.

Thanks for reading!

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