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The Land of Fire and Ice: Part 8: Ghosts of the Galaxy (Northern Lights!)

The Land of Fire and Ice: Part 8: Ghosts of the Galaxy (Northern Lights!)

March 2023 · 3 min read · Iceland

Hello Hiveians and welcome back!

Today we pick up where we left off last time, and begin possibly the most epic installment of this series!

So after leaving that epic canyon, we headed towards our destination for the night and the furthest we would go on this trip Höfn. It would be a long drive to get there, so first we made a stop at a small gas station to get some food!

And took a little stroll around as well before we hit the road again.

As we're driving, we get some glimpses of the mountains and glaciers as we head further up the Island.

And as the day is on the cusp of twilight, we got our first views of the giant epic glaciers of Iceland!

From there we made our way to Hofn, found our campground, checked in, and made possibly the biggest decision of the trip, even though we didn't know it yet.

We decided to go to the famous epic beach even though it was night time to check it out. So we drive over and then find out to go to the beach you have to pay because it's actually private. At this point, we've seen a little bit of Aroura in the distance, and figure we're already here an might as well. So we paid the 5$ or so to head down the road to the beach.

We explored a bit, realized e went too far when we saw a radar station and went back. 

And then, the sky began to glow.

And then I got an alert on my phone that there's a very high chance of a strong Aroura. So we set up and wait to see what would happen.

And soon after the sky began to come alive! It was like looking at a digital billboard pixelate throughout the sky at its peak!

Here's all the phases of the show we got, with the finale being at the end of this photo set! And if you look close at the last photo, you'll see me on the bottom center!

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This was definitely one of the most awe inspiring and mesmerizing experiences of my life! So I had to take another selfie too before we left.

And then I tried to get at least one shot of the reflection pool, which I'm glad I did, and I'll tell you why shortly.

After this we headed back to town an ended up at a Halloween party, which I'll cover in the next post. But to close this one out, off of a chance choice came possibly the greatest experience of this trip, one of the lights f course, but also, the next day a storm would blow in and we wouldn't even be able to visit this area in the day time which was very unfortunate. But at least we got one visit, albeit at night only.

That's it for this one, so let me know, what did you think? Have you ever seen an Aroura that strong? Have you ever been to Hofn? What was your favorite shot?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed! Check in next time for the recap of the night after this and the next adventure to the Glacial Lagoon!


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