Today I am going to show you another beautiful hike in Gars am Kamp, Lower Austria.

About two weeks ago I already posted this story that will tell you more about the market town Gars am Kamp and the history of "Sommerfrische" in this area of Austria.

The hike presented now starts in Thunau, a small village that belongs to the municipality of Gars am Kamp and will lead us to Buchberg which is another municipality of Gars am Kamp.

I left the car in a small street called "Schimmelsprunggasse". There is a parking for hikers opposite of the house nr. 46. Then I followed the Schimmelsprunggasse which leads along the railway in southeastern direction. The street later becomes a trail through the wood and it becomes narrower and steeper.

After about 15 minutes you reach the ruins of the "Klösterl". It is not clear if this once has been a castle or a monastery or convent ("Klösterl" is a diminuitive form of "Kloster", the German term for cloister/convent/monastery). The only thing we know for sure is that most of the few remains had to be destroyed when the railroad was built.

The trail is sometimes really narrow, there are steep scarps and especially in autumn, leafs on the ground can be slippery. So using walking sticks is not a bad idea at all.

Always follow the white-red or the white-blue signs on the trees! 15 to 20 minutes after the ruins of the "Klösterl" you can already see Buchberg castle that dominates the village of Buchberg. The castle has been built in the 12th century but heavily modified in the renaissance era. Since about 1965 it belongs to the Bogner family.

Dr. Dieter Bogner is an expert for art history and art museum developer. In the rooms of the castle he created the Kunstraum Buchberg. Please visit the link to get an impression of the great installation art you find in the castle. If you want to visit the castle you have to ([contact Dr. Buchner] in advance!

We used the same way to get back to Thunau. For the whole hike we needed a little bit more than one hour.

Please visit my weblog for more images, a detailled German story and a detailled map of this hike!