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Midubandha Waterfall, Daringbadi

Midubandha Waterfall, Daringbadi

February 2024 · 4 min read · Odisha

A beautiful gift from nature that should have been maintained much better.


After spending a colorful evening Learning about Tribal culture, and a very graceful sleep, I got up early to discover the morning outside, pretty scenic and blissful.


This was the view of outside from our tent - felt like WOW.


Since everyone was sleeping I thought to roam around and capture some memories of the valley.



Imagine how it would feel to drive in such a road.


The backside view of the valley from Eco-retreat.



Next day itinerary was to visit nearby places with all visitors in a bigger vehicle provided by them, so we quickly got ready.







Could not resist enjoying the coffee in the lobby outside the restaurant, they have nicely set up the tents ( just below this view) and kept the sitting arrangement in this scenic view.





They have put the details of all outdoor activities in the room, so that was good to remind about the timing. As per the schedule, we thought, we would go to Midubandha Waterfall, but when we reached at reception, they said, they already completed that previous day and can take us next day. In should they would take guests to Patabandha Waterfall and Coffee Garden. The vehicles were parked outside and we can sit in them.


Looking at these vehicles, I thought, it would be good we go on our own car, which will be better and changed our plan. Took few tips from the guide and headed straight to Midubandha Waterfall which was 16 km ride in the lovely valley.


The ride from this place going down steep to the waterfall was scary, and only light vehicles allowed. The parking space is very limited, but we could manage to find a spot. Then one has to walk down around hundred-eighty steps to see the waterfall. This was the reason, Eco-retreat does not advise or take elderly people here.



Just about we started walking down on steps, someone coming up was telling, there is nothing down there, no water, it's useless to go down and take so much of pain. Hearing that, Kids did not want to go any further down and return from there. But then I motivated them not to hear to unknown person - if we have come this far, then let's go and see it ourselves. And when we reached there, definitely it was worth going there.





There was definitely water there from a pleasing small waterfall to experience. Many people were going to the bottom of the fall and taking bath there. Unfortunately, the place is not maintained at all, there is no guidance and people have thrown litters all around.



These stones are the only means to sit and capture the waterfall as background and after waiting a while, we could grab the place and then carefully go there.









Found someone handling a DSLR so we all managed to stand with difficulty for a family photo and requested him to capture this. See the video and let me know, if its worth it or not.

After staying for more than a hour we walked back.




They were happy to hear me and go down.


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The turmeric and mustard (black as well as white) of this place is famous, and there is a particular shop in the city selling it, but that was closed when we came. So we decided to grab some from these local vendors - still enjoying them, the raw turmeric would stay for more than a year. It's pure organic and chemical free as they do not add any fertilizers.


This post will be part of my Google review of this place.

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