Remembering the opportunity I had to travel to another country for the first time in my life, I wanted to bring these photographs of the beautiful city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Take advantage of several sites such as the mountain of Montserrat, where you could see the whole city, I also toured the city many times walking to get to know it better and although the images are not the best, the experience was unforgettable. At that time I had the camera of my Blackberry phone with only 2 megapixels of resolution.

In this photograph we only appreciate part of the city because Bogotá is much bigger than we think.

Soon I will return there, but not as a visitor, but rather as coming out of the bad political and economic situation that exists in my country.

It is a combination of the modern and the old, with its touch of luxury and also colonial, it leaves much in our sight.

It is a challenge because for that time I was single and I was a tourist, but this time I have my beautiful family and the trip will be to look for a better future for them.

Even the culinary art that we could enjoy in that beautiful place, full of history and beauty, the hot soup feels great in this place since it is a city with low temperatures.

All these photographs are old memories but the next ones that I take in Bogota will be building a new story.

Until a Next Post...