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MahaShivaRatri - The Night of the Dark One !

MahaShivaRatri - The Night of the Dark One !

March 2020 · 3 min read · India

The fourteenth day of every lunar month or the day before the new moon is known as Shivratri. Among all the twelve Shivratris that occur in a calendar year, Mahashivratri is the one with maximum significance. Usually this falls in the Feb-March zone. Any journey into the Void must happen through the dark one who represents "No-Thing"

The dark one !
The dark one !

It is said that on this mystical night the planetary alignment of the solar system is such that there is a huge upsurge in the energies on this planet. As a result there is a natural increase in energies in human beings too. The Chakras in the human system are all fired up !

The chakras are all fired up and moving upwards that night !
The chakras are all fired up and moving upwards that night !

To ensure that the possibility is used in a way that helps a being rise they try and ensure that the spinal cord is kept straight all night. The spine in a spiritual context is referred to as Sushumna as per yogic tradition, Jacob's Ladder as per Christian, Judian and Gnostic mystery schools and Pathway to the Seven Heavens as per Islam. Taoism, Zen and Mahayana Budhism also have their terminology for the same phenomenon.

Now obviously keeping everyone awake all night long is easier said than done. Hence all the celebrations and partying to ensure that people don't get bored and fall asleep. They stay up and can get the maximum benefit out of that phenomenon.

The biggest celebrations of MahashivRatri Happens in Isha Yoga Foundation in Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu. I was lucky enough to be a part of the celebrations this year. Surreal as a word is an understatement.

All night long !
All night long !

The Crowd. The statue is at least 2 kms away.
The Crowd. The statue is at least 2 kms away.

Here there is something for everyone. For those who want to meditate. For those who want to immerse themselves in cultural programs and for those who just wanna hangout and have a good time !

Let’s see some facts regarding the Isha MahaShivRatri celebrations this year:

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- Close to a million people attended the event .

- Close to 300K people had their dinner as Annadanam Prasadam offering on that night from Isha Foundation’s celebrations. But no once was there any kind of Rush !

- Over 120 stalls were organized by the Isha Foundation where Annadanam was offered

- There were close to 100 temporary toilets installed & maintained throughout the event

- Over 50 water points were arranged to provide clean drinking water and a similar number for washing hands after food

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It definitely an event i will recommend to most of my friends to visit . There are many magical and mystical aspects to this place. But I will save them for another time.

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