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Bhola tour for the first time

Bhola tour for the first time

January 2020 · 3 min read

Bhola is one of the largest districts of South Bengal. Many may have no idea about Bhola or give negative ideas. But for the first time, I realized how beautiful this district is. The whole district is worth a visit and every place in Bhola is fascinating. Bhola was not impressed with the hospitality and sincerity of the people.


Bholai has everything a person needs for a traveling traveler. Bhola can be an added attraction for those who want to sail or sail the river Meghna. If you do not forget, the beauty of it is not really what it is. I am the son of Chittagong. Wanted to visit Barisal Division for many days. That opportunity came on January 5th. Bhola intended to depart from Chittagong with Barabhai. Bhola intended to depart the bus at Chittagong ornaments and from Bahaddarhat. However, getting on the bus directly to Bhola will waste your time. So we made a bus to Lokipur's Moju Chowdhury Ghat. 1 per person for rent. From there, I crossed the Meghna river for the purpose of steaming on a small ship (steamer). Rent 1 Taka. About two hours into this journey you will see the beauty of the Meghna river and the hint of fishermen.

In the afternoon, it will be good to see the sunset. After leaving Bhola, we moved to Bhola. From Elisha Ghat to Bhola, the rent is 5 Tk. There are many hotels in Bhola city which are very affordable, where you can spend the night. My older brother is a BNC staffer at Bhola Government College and I spend the night in college. The next morning I wandered a little to Bhola Government College. It is also a place to visit. Many beautiful campuses.

Then a brother took a friend's bike and went out to see the city Bhola is a very beautiful place to visit. There are many other places to visit, including the municipal mayor building, the Nizam Hasin Mosque. The fishermen of the mayor's building are very attractive.


Then we are on the fence to see the other upazilas of Bhola. Tofail Square in Bangla Bazaar looks completely shocked I feel like I'm in a country in Europe Thus we traveled to Daulatkhan, Lalmohan, Charpashan upazila. Jacob Tower in Charpashan district must be seen.

In the evening we come to Pir. We spent the night at the house of Rafi Bhai, cadet officer of BNCC's Bhola College. Her and her family's hospitality will never be forgotten. He cooked all of Bhola's popular dishes for us. Mustard hilsa, bata fish, haas bhuna and Bhola popular buffalo curd, dinner was a jumpsuit.


If you forget, do not eat these foods. Especially the yogurt, the mustard hilsa yogurt.
The next day Meghna spent some time on the banks of the river. You can visit a place called Tulatali to visit the Meghna river.

All in all, Bhola was one of the best tours of life.
Cost: Because we are riding bikes, we cannot give a single idea for the cost. However, from Chittagong to Lakshipur fare, from there to Bhola ship 1, from Elisha Ghat, you can go to any Upazila bus or autorickshaw in Bhola.

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