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This second part of our family trip.

I leave a link for those who are interested in the first part.

Part 1

In the morning we stocked up with water, provisions and hit the road.

Before the Kalbak-Tash petroglyphs, 300 kilometers remained. We had to overcome two passes - Seminsky pass and Chike-Taman.

The temperature was above 32 degrees and we often stopped to rest and enjoy the beauties of Altai.

View from the Chike Taman pass.
View from the Chike Taman pass.

River Katun
River Katun

The confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers

Along the way, you will meet a viewing platform, from where a fascinating view of the confluence of the Katun and Chuya rivers opens.

After the two channels merge into one, the river waters, which have contrasting colors, do not mix for some time and a clear dividing line passes between them. By the way, the waters of Chui are muddy and dark, and the Katuns are turquoise.

Petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash

After driving another 10 kilometers, we reached the main goal of our journey.

The complex of rock paintings of Kalbak-Tash includes more than 500 rock compositions and contains more than five thousand drawings, as well as more than 30 runic inscriptions.

Scientists have identified several stages of creating images:

- The Neolithic era (VI - IV centuries BC. E.) - These are large figures of goats and deer.

- The Eneolithic and Bronze Age (III - I century BC) is the largest group of drawings: deer and fantastic predators, warriors armed with spears, drovers, pack bulls and chariots, male phallistic figures, stylized images of women, often next to animals. This is the largest group of petroglyphs. They also include images of a snake, a bear, and signs-symbols.

- The era of the Scythians (VIII - III century BC. E.) - The main characters of the Scythian-Siberian style (dogs, horses, wolves, goats, etc.), scenes of deer hunting.

- The ancient Turkic era (VII - X centuries) - a small number of scenes of hunting for bears, wild bulls and deer.

A lot of photos

Ancient Petroglyphs
Ancient Petroglyphs

A beautiful view comes up from the plateau - 5 mountains surround you - as if 5 fingers.

We spent 3 hours on the plateau studying cave paintings. This journey left us with vivid impressions of contact with history.

Travel more, travel more often, discover the world !!!

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