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For a long time I was thinking that I should travel to the river Shitalakshya, so today I went to travel to the river Shitalakshia this afternoon.And most of the time I traveled by boat to the river Sitalakshya,The Shitalaksha River is one of the largest rivers in our Bangladesh.!


There are two boats holding two boats for crossing the river from one end of the river to the other,And most of the people on the crossing are boats without gospel,And the sailors of the Shitalakshya sail here and earn their living.Moreover, other ships or engineered boats operate along this river.!


Besides, there are different species of fish in the river Shitalakshya. Many fishermen take fish from the river Shitalakshya and sell it to different places in Bangladesh and collect their livelihood.!


As the sun rises from the river, it looks like white clouds in the blue sky,Looking at the river from a distance, it seems as if white clouds of blue sky are rising above the water,!


And the white clouds of blue sky above the water are also very interesting to see,

Never before have I noticed the shadow of the sky above the water looks so beautiful and attractive,


After a long day, this afternoon was a very good time with the beauty of nature and the boat ride.


The nature around us is so beautiful that we can see it only if we notice.Because the Creator has created everything so beautiful in our world.We who love to enjoy the beauty of nature go to different places of the country to see the beauty of nature.!

Again there are some classes of people in this world who are ruining the beauty of nature day by day.I want to say something to their purpose.!

love nature because we take so many benefits from nature, so it is our responsibility to protect nature.Moreover, everything in nature is useful to human needs.!

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I'm rs-farhan i live in bangladesh i am proud to have been born in such a beautiful country.I love the beauty of the nature of this world and love nature is a beautiful variety of flowers.!

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