I live in Birmingham, UK. It is a very industrial city with many big chain shops on every high street. My plan is to show you independent unique places around the city, streets with gems and local attractions!

Cosy Coffee shop in Northfield has been picked by our family by a coincidence. We went to this part of Birmingham to change my expiring driving licence and noticed the cafe and decided to pop in.

It looks nice from the outside, but, wait until you step inside!!! We spent good 10 min just looking around before checking the cake counter. And who wouldn't⁉️

The first impression - this is some kind of museum - you went back to 1980's. Then you go further and you have got a nice cosy corner with a touch of an American vibe. This comes through when you turn your head towards the ice-cream and crepes station too. But then you see bar tables and it instantly brings you to Scandinavia (or IKEA). So a good mix of modern and old with quirky little things!

And if you have got kids and dreaming to find that special place you could unwind and let them be - then look no further! Good room for them to run, sit, play, draw and even scream! Tucked away at the back of the cafe for little ones to go wild.

Being overwhelmed with such a gem, we went to check the cake counter. First thought - never saw such a big crumpet! So many to choose from! Cakes, pastries, crepes, ice-cream, jacket potatoes, soup... 👀 Probably more!?

Another 10 minutes. Changing our minds. And... we ordered:

  • a crumpet (which by the way came with butter and ❗️jam);
  • banana & caramel crepe;
  • plain crepe with a super cool Bubblegum ice-cream.

Tea for me and a hot chocolate for a chocolate lover! But just look at it! 😵

I don't know if there is anyone else obsessed with nice looking tableware but I am! I was so impressed! I mean, to think it all through with the theme and the details... WOW! Metal plates with a glossy enamel coating - so smooth to the touch! And again - it just feels special!

Food - my Gosh! So yummy! The portion of a plain crepe with an ice-cream was for a three-year-old - he couldn't finish it! Was so full. We left the place feeling very happy indeed!


And have you ever been to pee in Number 10? Well, ok, it is not a Dawning street, but we all could pretend using facilities in the headquarters of the Government!

As to prices - same as everywhere else but you get more for it!

My list of little points:

  • note the table number before you order because your whole order will be delivered to you
  • check their pot of tea with a knitted hat because why not!?
  • leave your car in Sainsbury's car park (3h free) and walk to the cafe
  • and if you coming from the city centre - get on a train or hop on a bus to see this gem and enjoy deliciousness! (15 min walk from the train station)
  • the cafe has another level - plenty of space!
  • it feels independent (no website, no chain)

Is there anything else to visit around? No! Nothing special in Northfield, at least I didn't find anything yet! So, it is not a touristy place but rather local!

Check more images of this place on Instagram and Facebook if you like:

  1. https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/318292191864252/cosy-coffee-northfield/?hl=en
  2. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cosy-Coffee-Northfield/318292191864252

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