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The Path of Heaven || The Story Behind The Photo!

The Path of Heaven || The Story Behind The Photo!

December 2019 · 4 min read

'A photo tells a thousand words' or maybe we can tell a thousand words about the same photo. What we see in a photo depends on our perspectives. And what we capture is a reflection of what interests us, no?

Well, nature always interests me. I know nature is the great influencer for all of us to capture good images. Nature creates memories. Memories for a lifetime!


This is one of my favorite captures. Oh! actually there are several others from this same area which are some of my precious memories. I was so confused about which one I should share fast!

I named this image The path of Heaven. Let me share my emotional attachment with this image and maybe then you can understand why I overstated it!

This is from my beloved University campus; the University of Dhaka. I had the blessings to do my Graduation and Post Graduation from there. This is not just an educational institute for me. I have learned so many things, I became friends with some amazing people, I have met so many knowledgable people through this.

You can see on this image, some beautiful flower petals are laying down beside the path, But amazingly the path is clear. Maybe because people were walking over it or maybe it's a wonder of nature!

Visiting the place still feels very exciting to me. It's like a journey with nostalgia. The flower petals you are seeing called Royal Poinciana or Delonix Regia. In our local language, we called it Krishnachura. During the beginning of the summer season, the campus decorated itself with these beautiful flowering trees.


Seeing the flower petals makes me wonder and I didn't miss the chance to capture the memory with my mobile phone. I captured the images on last April. I was on my campus to spend some quality time with my friends. Also, my husband and my son were with me. I had no idea that I would get to see this wonderful reddish image of my campus. How could I stop myself from capturing such beauty?


Another reason to have this wonderful memory on my mobile is, the campus is far from where I live currently. It usually takes two hours to reach there. And as I have a toddler son so I need to prepare so many things to reach there that sometimes I can't make it though I really want to.

The whole campus looks like during the early summertime. How wonderful, right? We can walk over the flower petals, we can spend some nice moments with nature and so on. When I was a student there, I used to collect some petals and put them in a bowl of water. The petals usually float over the bowl water and it looked wonderful. It's been so many years, I miss doing that.



I'm not a professional photographer, I have no camera or any accessories to capture any great moment, you know. But there's no boundary to capture memories with smartphones, no? I only did a little color adjusting with my build in windows photo editor.

And, I have to do a little 'spot-fixing' on the below image!


Screenshot (150).png

You can see, a plastic bag is there, and the woman is walking. I did my best to remove them with the 'spot fixer' on the editor. I have shared the image earlier.

Another April is coming. I hope I will visit my campus again to enjoy this wonderful beauty of nature!

I'm sharing these images to enter Behind The Photo contest by @nelyp. If you have an interest, click on the link and you will find the detail. Share your image and tell the story behind it


Much Love

Who I am?
I'm a Mom of a toddler son, have a vast experience working with HR in a multinational organization. Also, I have a good knowledge of Public Administration. I'm life & nature enthusiasts, eager to learn human psychology, trying to live mindfully and a positive learner.


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