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Hope you are traveling and enjoying your trips and collecting those memories and hopefully you will share them with us in the coming days in Steem Blockchain.

While I am here to take you on a tour of a PALM GARDEN which I really had no idea of as it was situated in my city. Thanks to one of my friend who likes to visit these places a lot notified me about it and hence here we are.

While it took me some time to reach there and frankly speaking it was by far the most hassle trip that I took so far. As because thanks to Google Maps I took a wrong turn and ended up somewhere else, apparently Maps is not fully updated yet I guess. But yet somehow I managed to reach my destination.

So before I was able to enter the garden I took a little detour and looked around the garden and it sure is a little village area. So some things were most expected such as scenic scenarios and some amazing landscapes, which I was not really wrong about that thought though.

As I was roaming around before getting the garden this was one of the mountain out there which was really looking kinda great and especially liked the color of it as well.

This was the small bridge that I had to cross in order to get to the other side. While it was literally a bamboo and nothing at all. As you can see my the size of the bamboo was compared to my foot. So had to cross it little carefully ! No tension I was able to cross it successfully ! Mission accomplished for that task !

This was the entry point from another side of the Palm garden and I liked it this way. As because it really gave the feel of entering into something very close to nature of sorts.

While let me not wait you any longer for the main scenarios and without further delay I will show you some of the scenarios inside and outside of the palm garden and there was also an empty place for some time.

So far this were the inside of the first part of the garden where I entered to. While I must say it was quite dark out there because of the palm tress and their leaves did all this. Not even sunlight was able to penetrate in some places where the tress were very much deep.

While once I was inside the garden I was going through here and there for capturing images. But once I was looking outside from inside this view caught my eye. So I stood there for some time and saw what was really happening and frankly saying this was indeed magical.

While I saw a place inside the garden for probably some people to take rest in that place who takes care of the garden. Well it was not much but yeah nice place to hold onto and take a look at this part of the garden.

As I was going deeper these scenario took my mind. I do not if you have noticed or not the sand changed in these side of the garden. As if it seemed like a beach and it was really an amazing view to look at. I was kind of feeling like I was on a vacation ;)

These part was probably the best part to witness what was really happening out in there. Well the perfect place to enjoy the evening and as I was there I did played a little with the sand as well. My bad I was probably carried away with the scenic beauty of the place. See the image below.

Writing my steem username on the sand kind of reminded me of those days in the childhood.

The place is indeed huge. The above image was captured in the center of the whole garden. The gap was very much in between these two parts. It was separating the two parts. Quite nice to witness. As it was getting dark I was able to get some fog as well in the air which was quite nice to watch.

It was quite a nice feeling to be out there and honestly saying if I had even the slightest idea about this place I would have visited a long time back and not only once probably more than once. This was from the inside of the garden and frankly it was nice to be there.

While as I was returning from the garden I saw this small hill out in a local place. Well like I said it took me a lot of time to reach the garden and in between there were some very nice places indeed. I liked the way how a house was there on top of a hill and how nice the scenario was overall. Perfect place to be for a while and forget everything.

While this was everything that I had for you all in this little trip and I never really thought this would take this much time though I was fully prepared but yeah things can go wrong even after that. So better be prepared for everything.

All the images are captured by @rehan12

That is it for today !!
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