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Shada-Pathor, Rock Heaven || Place of scenic Beauty

Shada-Pathor, Rock Heaven || Place of scenic Beauty

December 2019 · 5 min read · Sylhet

Hello Travelers

I am back with another trip to share with all you !!

It's been such a fascinating day today. Today's trip was planned ahead and it went quite nice, I must say. Along with some of my friends we went to a place which is quite famous in for it's scenic beauty and most importantly for it's resources that are to be found in the area.

The place is known as Shada pathor which is situated in Sylhet Companiganj Upazila (Sylhet district). It is 33 KM away from the Sylhet city. If we translate the name of the place it will say White Rock as because it (Companiganj) is the biggest stone quarry in my country. Not only that but the scenic beauty will blow your mind as you travel through the river on a boat and as you walk on bare feet in the river (when the tide is low) you can witness the crystal clear water from where you can see the rocks underneath. Let me take you on a small tour !

Sylhet Companiganj is bounded by Meghalaya (state of India) on the north, sylhet sadar, gowainghat and chhatak upazilas on the south, Gowainghat upazila on the east and Chhatak upazila on the west. Companiganj is home to Bangladesh's largest quarry, the Bholaganj stone quarry.

We were six friends in total in today's trip and we sat out for Sada pathor at around 8 am in the morning. While the hardest part was getting up in the morning in this cold weather but the rest were the easiest part. First of all we were thinking of taking our motor bikes in there but due to security reasons we backed off that idea and we took the local bus which were of two stories which were given for the easy travel of the tourists by the government of Bangladesh. It didn't take much time probably because we were enjoying the scenes outside which were visible through the bus window and the chit chat was there by us all.

The few things that you will obviously find in Shada Pathor are the Stones which are used in constructions as most of the supplies of these comes from these region. Rivers where you can roam around with boats and there are some places where due to these season the land has emerged and you can call them small islands as well and in the end you will be bound to watch the natural view of this place which will make you speechless wherever your eyes go.

In the above images you can see the mountains far away, those are our neighboring country India's regions and in this region you can go as close to the border of that country.

All the while, I was talking about crystal water. Where you can see the rock-bed underneath the water. I was walking down the shore with my shoes on hand and the water was way too freezing for me lol. I was not really able to be there for such a long time but it was well worth it.

We hired a boat in there which was kind of expensive from my point of view maybe because I have visited quite a lot of times in similar places where the rate is way lower compared to here. Anyway we hired it for two hours and are we glad that it had roof on top of it or else we would have been barbecued in this SUN. Let me show you some of the images below which I took while I was on the boat.

Upon completing the little boat tour we came down to the place where there was a small lake where the water flow is little low and the rock bed was there which was quite nice to witness.

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I brought this rock as a souvenir lol. While there were very nice shapes on many rocks out there and frankly speaking no wonder the place is quite famous for the rocks as they of highest quality (as said) and there are indeed plenty to take from. Mother nature does really knows how to give us what we need in various ways.

Apart from that the small island of soil which I was talking about above let me show you picture of it and it was quite hot to walk in bare foot and the soils were getting in the shoes so both hassle has to beard by us but overall it was worth it, I believe.

There are some photographers as well who are with DSLR to capture your moments out there if you have missed to take your cameras and some food stalls but it is better to take your own food as you can have them in the boat or even when you are in the land/the island jk. It will not take you long to explore most of the places but it is better to go early and enjoy as much as possible as because at this time of the year the sun really sets very early and it will be easier for anybody to get back in due time.

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With all these experience it was really a worthy visit to the place of Rock heaven and not only it will freshen up your mind, you will surely feel close to the nature after this visit.

Well, this is it for today and hopefully you have enjoyed this tour and I will be back soon with another trip for you to explore with me.

All the images are captured by me.

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