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Little LONDON in Asia....

Little LONDON in Asia....

November 2019 · 4 min read · Sylhet

Hello Good People

It is always a dream of many of us to travel from place to place. There are very few people who gets the luxury of it and as a result many of us do not really get the chance to have a life of that sort. While keeping that in mind let me take you on a small tour to LITTLE LONDON .

Well you heard it correct, there is a little London in Asia and more precisely in Bangladesh (Sylhet). If I really have to break it into simplest terms I would say in Sylhet, there is a small town where the name of it, is Little London. While to make it little more interesting there are replica of sorts of some structures have been built up to make the people of that town feel like London. The Clock Tower was one of them to built up in Little London.

Well, like I stated it is a small town which is yet developing for some time and people are rushing towards there for many reasons. First of all the place is little out of the main city so there would be little less rush and more eco-friendly place then of the city.

In the image above, you can see this is the front view of the entrance on a side of the town. I visited there quite a few times. Well never really thought of sharing these kinds of information with all of you. While as it seems for the past couple of months I am really keeping these kind of memories in tact in terms of photographs. Thanks to Steem blockchain.

A photo collage of the tower. While this is just a simple attraction of the little town but I really liked the idea of it and seems like as time is passing by the care of this certain place is really decreasing. Maybe it is getting less of attraction nowadays. Who knows !!

This is a side view of the tower and still now I liked the way how the tress are still out there, as if they are really guarding the place in a very nice way. Green does really favors me as well.

While I am going somewhere and I am not getting an image of sunset/sunshine it can not happen jk !! While I was trying to get a sunset image much more closely but the place was really vast and it was hard to get something similar to it. But yet it turned out pretty satisfactory I should say ;)

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This is how the Clock Tower looks like from a little distance and like I said the town is still in work mode and people are starting to get there as time is passing by.

Just a glimpse what I really mean by people are starting to build apartments out there. While as I was really going through the town a little bit I was able to see some of the buildings are really looking very nice. As they were scattered and some of them were on the middle of nowhere. As there was only a road that was leading to that house and the rest of plots were empty with just borders.

Nevertheless, it was really a nice time to explore and see some new things, especially the kids were playing on the fields it did reminded me of my childhood. All those fun experiences and some glorious time indeed. Well that is it for today and I believe it is really worth the time and effort to visit places once in while and share information with others and get to know others culture and much more via the blogs/ vlogs to enrich the knowledge of ours and others as well !!

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