When our country was ruled by the state and the zamindars, they were mostly Baja and Zamindars, people of Hindu religion and people of Hindu religion, and the kings or zamindars of Hindu religion used to build temples beside their palace and these temples were very beautifully designed and still built. Some temples are in our Bangladesh and some are near the Rajmahal or Zamindar house

In ancient times we have a lot scattered around the world, the houses and palaces of kings and zamindars and in ancient times the palaces of kings and zamindars have become tourist centers, and in ancient times people came from different places to visit the king's house and zamindars. And since ancient times people can learn a lot of history,

The ancient palaces that are still preserved in our world and this palace are still beautiful to see, because in ancient times various designs were made and different designs were built on the wall ow However, most palaces and zamindar palaces are now on the verge of extinction, and if the palaces of Pachinakals disappear. Goes, but we will lose a lot of history. Therefore, it is our duty to protect the palaces of antiquity and the government of many countries in many countries preserve the palaces of ancient times.

This afternoon I went to see a zamindar house and this zamindar house is still very beautiful in our country and this zamindar house is maintained by the government. And many people come from far away to see this zamindar house, however, so few beautiful landlords are rarely seen in our country.And I loved walking around with beautiful landlords and spending a lot of time and learning a lot about history.