This Bangladesh is surrounded by the beauty of nature,The six-season country in our Bangladesh and with the change of this season, the nature of the landscape around our Bangladesh is changing.Now, it is winter and this time of year, we get a lot of fog around Bangladesh.However, most of the fog falls in the mountainous region,And on a winter day, when traveling in the mountains, you can see fog and beautiful nature,

Paharpur is one of the tourist hubs of Bangladesh and the high hills around Paharpur.The Paharpur area has been renamed as Paharpur due to the additional hills in this Paharpur.And this Paharpur is located in our Bangladesh Sylhet district,And to visit the high hills of this Paharpur come to this Paharpur from different districts of Bangladesh,And enjoy the beautiful nature view of this Paharpur,

People climb to the top of the hill to enjoy a beautiful view of the mountainous region and enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the hill to the hill.Moreover, when going in the hills, different types of trees are found on the top of the hill and these trees are born naturally in different places on the hills and these plants live on the hill for a long time and keep the hill area more beautiful and attractive.

When traveling in the mountains in the winter morning, the fog dew is seen on the tree and when this fog's debris falls into the spider web, the spider webs are very beautiful.Apart from this, the spider web is also found in many other places besides mountainous areas.

Many birds are heard calling in the winter morning, but most of the birds in the mountainous region are heard calling guest birds, and these guest birds fly miles after mile and fly from one country to another.And when these guest birds fly in the sky, they are grouped orally and they make different sounds,And everyone loves to hear the chirping of a guest this winter morning,

Flowers There are many kinds of flowers in our world and each tree holds flowers and every kind of flower grows on a tree.Eight flowers are as attractive as nature and love is created for these flowers in the human mind,However, many unknown flowers or shrubs can be seen in the hills or in the forest to treval.

Everyone in our world wants to see beautiful nature and spend time with beautiful nature,So people rush to enjoy the beauty of nature in different sights.