# Good afternoon all my newateem friend

Nature has made our world more beautiful and attractive and there are different elements of this nature and we are living with different benefits from this nature and to see the beauty of this nature we can go to different sights and enjoy the beauty of nature. And it is the duty of each of us to protect this nature and there are people in our world who are destroying this body day by day. I will tell them one thing to love nature and try to protect it.

One of the most visited sights in our Bangladesh is Bijanakandi Hey Bishankandi located in Sylhet district of Bangladesh.

And the Bijakandi tourist center is right beside the borders of India and Bangladesh, and the view of the beds and the nature of the beds is very attractive, so people rush to find time.

The water is now dry due to winter and the leaves of the surrounding trees become very dry and the winter goes away. If the view of this bedchandi becomes beautiful again, the water will flow in the reservoir and the water bodies will be refreshed.

Also, the bedding is very profitable in the commercial field and most of the people in bed collect and sell rocks from this bed and make their living, and during the monsoon, the rocky rocks come from different hills in the water stream.

When the water in this reservoir bed is dry, only stones of different sizes can be seen from a distance. It is made of stone. Those who like to see the beauty of nature will forget to eat once they get up in bed, because the bed is like the beauty of nature,