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Getting Lost in Higashiyama District, Kyoto

Getting Lost in Higashiyama District, Kyoto

February 2020 · 3 min read · Kyoto

Higashiyama District is one of the best-preserved area in Kyoto. It’s located on eastern side of Kyoto. I have written about my experience walking on many paths in the district in my previous post. Now, I would tell you about my experience of getting lost in finding Yasaka Pagoda.

We were trying to reach Yasaka Pagoda, we just followed where other people heading for. We looked many people, mostly girls wearing Japanese traditional cloth.

We believed they were heading to the Pagoda. However, it was wrong, totally wrong. Our steps just let us arriving at a temple, that we know later on the name of the shrine is Chionin Temple. It’s the most important Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

This temple is easily noticed since it’s a large buildings and stands on a higher place. It has spacious ground as well. We ‘got lost’ to this place, we thought it was Yasaka Pagoda. But, it’s fine, we got a great destination unintentionally. We were happy to despite been tired walking to the hike. The Chionin temple has massive Sanmon gate. The gate itself is the main entrance gate.

We took some pictures there. It was so beautiful sceneries around the area of the temple. There is also a park there named Maruyama Park. I will show you later some picture alongside the road between Maruyama Park and the temple.

Now, I would show some pictures I took when walking in finding Yasaka Pagoda. Firstly, I met two beautiful Japanese girls wearing traditional cloth. Then we continue walking along the path. I can say that I did photowalking that time.

I found a white flower. It looked beautiful within the green surrounding.

There are a lot of shady trees on the left and right side of the path. They are beautiful with many Japanese writings on a board or neon boxes under their branches. Unfortunately, I didn’t know their meaning at all.

We just kept walking. Then we arrived at a house with a maroon leaven-tree on its yard. I took a picture of it.

Not so far from the house, there is a souvenir shop? It wasn’t open yet when we were there.

There is a café as well after the souvenir shop. We didn’t enter the café since we were heading for Yasaka Pagoda.

Few steps later, I was interested to an entrance of a café. It’s simple, but there is Japanese writing in blue color.

And there is also a ‘no smoking’ sign. So, that is the Japanese writing of ‘no smoking’, isn’t?

Then we arrived at the area of a large building. Is it Yasaka Pagoda? No it’s not. It’s a temple, a Buddhist temple named Chionin. We were get lost! We’re lost in finding the pagoda.

We were happy and just enjoying the moment. It’s wonderful there. It worth so much. We arrived in a large Buddhist temple, Chionin which has a great Sanmon gate.

After enjoying the moment there and taking some pictures, we just move downward to road where on its left and right sides is Maruyama Park.

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On the way, my eyes catching trees which their leaves are like marijuana. I was curious what the tree name is. I took some pictures of them.

We kept walking, until we arrived on the main road finally.

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Then, we took a bus to the real Yasaka Pagoda. I just stood on the street with Yasaka Pagoda as backdrop.

Thanks for reading and see you later.

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