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Exploring Dotonbori, Osaka

Exploring Dotonbori, Osaka

February 2020 · 3 min read · Osaka

As I told you on my post entitled Great Hospitality at ANA Crowne Plaza - A Perfectly Located Hotel in Osaka that I would be telling about my experience exploring Dotonbori area in Osaka. I would describe my visit to the area on this post. We were walking from ANA Crowne Plaza to Yodoyabashi Subway Station. It’s about 10 minute-walk to the subway. And then we took the train to Namba station.

Arriving in Namba, then we were walking about 7 minutes to Dotonbori area. It was nice walking in Osaka at night. We brought our umbrellas since the light rain happened in that night. Upon arriving in Dotonbori, I was so amazing to see how bright the area was with extremely crowded people were there.

I knew that Dotonbori is a must visit place in Osaka. I believe every single person who visit Osaka must come to this place. Frankly, it’s so famous tourist destination.

I can hardly believe that thousands of neon lights applied in all Dotonbori environment, including restaurant, bar, and shoe store, etc. I was trying to find in google about the description of Dotonbori. That gave me some knowledge that Dotonbori refer to Dotonbori Canal and Dotonbori Street which run parallel to the southern bank of the canal. The name of this place derived from the name of Yasui Doton, a merchant who invested his money to develop the area by connecting Umezu River to Kizugawa River by building a canal. But, it was so pity he was died during Siege of Osaka in 1615. Fortunately, his cousin completed Doton’s ambition and to remember him, his cousin named the canal as Dotonbori or ‘Doton Canal’. It’s a sad history, but now millions of people have visited the canal.Source

While walking to the bank of canal, we found a graffiti by Makoto Amura on a wall of Hostel Enisia Namba, then we took some pictures standing there with the graffiti as a backdrop.

We kept walking until we arrived at a street that there were a lot of street-food stalls. We bought nothing at the stalls, I just took some pictures. They are awesome, and you know, I love Japanese food.

Few minutes later we arrived at the bank of Doton canal. We were so happy though the rain getting heavy. We took pictures there while using our umbrellas.

We enjoyed so much the ambience around the canal. It was a real romantic place.

Honolulu Coffee

We enter a coffee shop which is located on the bank of canal, it’s Honolulu Coffee. It was a cozy and nice place. We ordered two cups of coffee and some cakes.

We took a seat next to the window. So we could still enjoy the Dotonbori’s beauty and brightness from there while sipping our coffee.

It was almost midnight. The coffee shop was about to close, then we decided to went back to our hotel.

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Back to ANA Crowne Plaza

The rain was getting heavier. Most visitors using their umbrellas. But, for me, it was so romantic view of people using umbrellas with their partners of friends. They looked so happy and seemed to stay longer in Dotonbori area.

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We just kept walking to Namba Station. After about 10-minute walk, we arrived at the station and took our train. Honestly, visiting Dotonbori was the most memorable experience I ever had in Osaka.

And thank you so much for reading.

Warm regard,

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